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Interviews With MSG (Ret) Rick Hines, Capt Kyle S. Stigall, MD, and COL (Ret) Russ Kotwal, MD, MPH


Randles J, Merkle A. 21(1). 124 - 124. (Interview)



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The Two Jobs I Love The Most Are the Two That Pay Me the Least: An Interview With Dan Godbee


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The Emergence and Evolution of the Journal of Special Operations Medicine: An Interview With Publisher Michelle Landers


Pennardt A. 18(4). 149 - 150. (Interview)

You Never Know, Until You Know, and Then You Know: An Interview With COL (Ret) John F. Kragh Jr, MD


Pennardt A. 18(1). 147 - 148. (Interview)

Mastering the Basics Makes the Best Medics in the World: An Interview With Shawn Kane, SWMG (A) Commander and Dean of the JSOMTC


Pennardt A. 17(4). 128 - 129. (Interview)

We Cannot Afford to Lose the Lessons We Have Learned: COL (Ret) Rob Lutz's Reflections on a 20-Year SOF Medical Career


Pennardt A. 17(3). 146 - 147. (Interview)

An Interview With SOMA President Steven Viola, SOCM, ATP, NREMT-P


Pennardt A. 17(2). 151 - 152. (Interview)

Interviewed by COL (Ret) Andre Pennardt, MD

Admiral's Log: Surgeon General VADM Michael Cowan's Insights on Military Medicine


Pennardt A. 17(1). 131 - 132. (Interview)

From the Trails of Afghanistan to the Streets of America: COL (Ret) Andy Pennardt on Frontline Medical Care


Godbee DC. 16(4). 118 - 120. (Interview)

"It Always Starts With the Heart.": Ricardo "FLO" Flores on personal pushes in moving current care toward best care.


Kragh JF. 16(3). 87 - 92. (Interview)

"SWAT Is a Lifestyle; It's a Way of Life"


Kragh JF. 16(2). 108 - 110. (Interview)

Ray Casillas on a Career in Operational Medicine

"It was a special, pivotal time; the stars were aligned."


Kragh JF. 16(1). 118 - 121. (Interview)

-Rob Miller on Changing Trauma Care

"Follow Admiral William Halsey's advice: Look around and see what needs to be done. Then do it."


Kragh JF. 15(4). 130 - 132. (Interview)

-Frank Butler on serving the operational medicine community

"I always wanted to be part of something bigger than myself. Even more so if I could make a small contribution to the bigger effort."


Kragh JF. 15(3). 124 - 125. (Interview)

-MSG Harold "Monty" Montgomery on a Career as a Special Operations Forces Medic

"The central theme is helping the men become the best Operators they can be."


Kragh JF. 15(2). 152 - 153. (Interview)

-Steve Rush on US Air Force Pararescue and Pararescuemen Today

"We had the benefit of walking in those shoes, so let's make it better for these guys."


Kragh JF. 15(1). 133 - 135. (Interview)

-The 17th Surgeon General of the United States, Dr Richard Carmona, on a Life of National Service, Including Being a Special Forces Medic

"People who say 'No!' irritate me; we should say 'yes'"


Kragh JF. 14(4). 143 - 143. (Interview)

- COL Russ Kotwal of the Joint Trauma System on Improving Prehospital Medicine

"It's exciting and important to have a journal so focal and unique."


Kragh JF. 14(3). 123 - 123. (Interview)

- COL (Ret.) Craig Llewellyn on Five Decades of Special Operations Forces Medicine

Train to Failure


Kragh JF. 14(2). 111 - 111. (Interview)

MSG Dennis Lyons of USASOC on Medical Training and Learning

Special Operations Alumnus Starts New Challenge


Green J. 14(1). 111 - 111. (Interview)

"My name, F., just that one letter."


Kragh JF. 13(4). 127 - 127. (Interview)

SGM F. Bowling on Being a Special Operations Medic and Leader Today

Who Owns Battlefield Medicine?


Kragh JF. 13(3). 112 - 112. (Interview)

Bob Mabry on Being SOMA President and Being at Black Hawk Down