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Testicular Cancer in an American Special Forces Soldier: A Case Report

Spring 2019

Ho TT, Rocklein Kemplin K, Brandon JW. 19(1). 23 - 26. (Case Reports)


Testicular cancer is the most common solid tumor and the most common cause of cancer mortality in men between 25 and 34 years of age. Limited data exist comparing testicular cancer in military Servicemembers and the general population. Research indicates that Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard Servicemembers have a higher risk of testicular cancer than do members of the Army or Marines. A military lifestyle including operational tempo and long deployments may contribute to delayed diagnosis and subsequent treatment planning, potentially increasing morbidity and mortality. We used the National Institutes of Health case-study format recommendations as a framework for this presentation of the case of a 36-year-old US Special Forces Soldier who noticed new testicular masses while deployed in Iraq but did not seek help until 5 months later, upon redeployment home.

Keywords: testicular cancer; military medicine; Special Forces; occupational health; deployment

PMID: 30859521

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