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Social Fitness and the Social Domain: A Holistic Approach Based on Total Force Fitness

Fall 2023

McCarthy R, Park GH, Barczak-Scarboro NE, Barrientos S, Chamberlin R, Hansom A, Messina LA. 23(3). 85 - 90. (Journal Article)


The Total Force Fitness (TFF) framework was envisioned as a holistic framework of interrelated domains, whereby impact in one domain could have cascading implications for the others. For this reason, definitional clarity surrounding how to achieve fitness in the various domains is crucial. Social fitness definitions tend to focus on individual efforts and overlook the powerful impact of the social group and the social environment on the individual. In this article, various definitions of social fitness are analyzed in an effort to broaden the current understanding of the social domain. Some of the knowledge gaps in understanding social fitness and the resulting challenges are addressed before reviewing a few existing social fitness interventions. Finally, this study offers recommendations for improvement, along with future directions for the increased integration of the social domain into the TFF framework.

Keywords: social environment; social fitness; social domain; total force fitness; performance optimization

PMID: 37699257

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