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Rice-Based Electrolyte Drinks More Effective Than Water in Replacing Sweat Losses During Hot Weather Training and Operations

Winter 2013

Gerold KB, Greenough WB, Yasar S. 13(4). 12 - 14. (Journal Article)


Heat-related injury presents significant threats to the health and operational effectiveness of Soldiers and military operations. In 2012, active component, U.S. Armed Forces experienced 365 incident cases of heat stroke and 2,257 incident cases of "other heat injury." Most of these occurred among recruit and enlisted personnel and most were under the age of 30. In conditioned military personnel, a rice-based oral rehydration solution was superior to water alone at maintaining body weight and, by inference, enabled Soldiers to better maintain their the state of hydration during prolonged exercise in high ambient temperatures. In view of the health risks associated with dehydration and their effects on training and operations, this study suggests that the consumption of beverages containing electrolytes and a rice-based carbohydrate is superior to the consumption of water alone in preventing dehydration and heat related illness.

Keywords: heat-related illness; dehydration; oral rehydration; water

PMID: 24227556

DOI: 10.55460/SE66-B7VN

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