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Evaluation of a Removable Intraoral Soft Stabilization Splint for the Reduction of headaches and Nightmares in Military PTSD Patients: A Large Case Series

Spring 2013

Moeller DR. 13(1). 49 - 54. (Journal Article)


This large case series reports the results of using a removable soft intraoral stabilization splint in the treatment of chronic headaches and chronic nightmares in 60 military post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) patients of the Vietnam, Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Operation Enduring Freedom conflicts. Patient treatment criteria included meeting all of the following requirements: minimum of three headaches per week; minimum of three nightmares per week; minimum of three sleep interruptions per week; minimum of three intraoral or extraoral (craniofacial) trigger points; and previous PTSD diagnosis by the U.S. Army or Veterans Administration with duration of this disorder for a minimum of three years. Significant reduction (60%-90%) in headache and nightmare severity, intensity, and duration was obtained in 75% of the 44 patients who completed the three-month follow-up.

Keywords: PTSD; splint; headaches; nightmares; Sleep disruption

PMID: 23526322

DOI: 10.55460/JY7G-94LF

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