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Feedback To The Field: An Assessment Of Sternal Intraosseous (io) Infusion

Spring 2011

Harcke HT, Crawley G, Ritter BA, Mazuchowski EL. 11(2). 23 - 26. (Journal Article)


Intraosseous vascular infusion (IO) is a recognized alternative to peripheral intravenous infusion when access is inadequate. The sternum and proximal tibia are the preferred sites. A review of 98 cases at autopsy revealed successful sternal IO placement in 78 cases (80%). Assuming a worst case scenario for placement (pin mark and no tip in bone [17 cases] and tip present and not in the sternum [3 cases]), attempts were unsuccessful in 20 cases (20%). We draw no specific conclusions regarding sternal IO use, but hope that personnel placing these devices and those providing medical training can use the information.

PMID: 21455906