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Remote Telementored Ultrasound-Directed Compression to Potentially Accelerate Hemostasis in Exsanguinating Junctional Vascular Injuries

Winter 2015

Kirkpatrick AW, McKee JL, McKee I, Panebianco NL, Ball CG. 15(4). 71 - 74. (Journal Article)


Bleeding to death has been identified as the leading cause of potentially preventable injury-related death worldwide. Temporary hemorrhage control could allow the patient to be transported to a site capable of damage- control surgery. A novel device that may offer a fast and effective means of controlling nontruncal bleeding (junctional and extremity) is the iTClamp (Innovative Trauma Care; http://innovativetraumacare.com). This case study demonstrated that a motivated and intelligent, but untrained, first responder could successfully localize the actual anatomic site of an exsanguinating bleed and then could relatively easily compress this site to control the bleeding site by using ultrasound-guided manual-compression techniques.

Keywords: hemorrhage; iTClamp; ultrasound; bleeding; control

PMID: 26630098

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