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Low-Resource Tactical Combat Casualty Care Training for Peshmerga Units in Remote Areas of Kurdistan

Spring 2019

Taylor D, Murphy J, Stolley Z. 19(1). 81 - 87. (Journal Article)


The Peshmerga are the official military of the autonomous region of Kurdistan, Iraq. There remains a high level of variability across Peshmerga units in medical equipment and training. Presumably, Peshmerga soldiers are dying from preventable causes of death due to combat-related injuries, just as US troops did before the introduction of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) training and supplies. This report outlines the efforts of a small US-based collective to provide TCCC training at the TCCC for all combatants skill level to Peshmerga forces and develop members of the Peshmerga as trainers.

PMID: 30859533

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