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Social Determinant of Unconventional Resilience: Tactical Engagement with Impression Management

Ahead of Print 2099

Jeschke EA, Wyma-Bradley J, Baker JB, Dorsch J, Huffman SL. Ahead of Print. (Journal Article)


Building upon our operational model, we will discuss findings from our ethnographic study titled "The Impact of Catastrophic Injury Exposure on Resilience in Special Operations Surgical Teams" to establish that impression management allows Special Operation Forces (SOF) medics to navigate implicit social status symbols to either degrade or optimize performance. We will use qualitative quotes to explore how Special Operations Surgical Team (SOST) medics engage in impression management to establish individual, team, and/or organizational competency to deal with ambiguity. To achieve our goals, we will: 1) provide a background on impression management and perception of competency; 2) define the social determinant of impression management extrapolated from qualitative data as well as use qualitative data to thematize various types of impression management; and 3) relate tactical engagement with impression to our metaphor of bag sets. We conclude by gesturing to the importance of impression management in orienting SOF medics' proprioception and kinesthesia in the SOF performance space.

Keywords: unconventional resilience; social determinant; tactical; impression management; practical performance; SOF medic

PMID: 38109230

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