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The Expanded Scope of Emergency Medical Practice Necessary for Initial Disaster Response: Lessons from Haiti

Spring 2012

Menon AS, Norris RL, Racciopi J, Tilson H, Gardner J, Mcadoo G, Brown IP, Auerbach PS. 12(1). 31 - 36. (Journal Article)


A team of emergency physicians and nurses from Stanford University responded to the devastating January 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Because of the extreme nature of the situation, combined with limited resources, the team provided not only acute medical and surgical care to critically injured and ill victims, but was required to uniquely expand its scope of practice. Using a narrative format and discussion, it is the purpose of this paper to highlight our experience in Haiti and use these to estimate some of the skills and capabilities that will be useful for physicians who respond to similar future disasters.

PMID: 22427047

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