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Combat Vascular Access: A Scoping Review

Fall 2023

Smith S, White J, McGuire T, Meunier B, Ball I, Hilsden R. 23(3). 32 - 38. (Journal Article)


Medical leadership must decide how to obtain vascular access in a combat environment. Adequate combat trauma resuscitation requires efficient vascular access. A search of the Medline and EMBASE databases was conducted to find articles on combat vascular access. The primary dataset of interest was the type of vascular access obtained. Other data reviewed included who performed the intervention and the success rate of the intervention. The search strategy produced 1,339 results, of which 24 were included in the final analysis. Intravenous (IV), intraosseous (IO), and central venous access have all been used in the prehospital combat environment. This review summarizes the available combat literature to help commanders make an evidence-based decision about their prehospital vascular access strategy.

Keywords: intravenous access; vascular access; interosseus access; central venous catheters

PMID: 37490425

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