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Treatment of Psoriasis in the Deployed Setting

Summer 2015

Bongiorno MA, Rivard SS, Meyerle JH. 15(2). 12 - 15. (Journal Article)


Psoriasis is a chronic immune-mediated disorder that can be triggered by environmental changes, illness, smoking, or medications. This case describes a 25-year-old, activeduty Marine Corps Sergeant with a severe perideployment psoriatic flare, and illustrates treatment limitations, restricted access to specialized care, and the importance of mitigating triggers in the deployed setting.

Keywords: psoriasis; psoriasis, plaque; psoriasis, guttate; arthritis, psoriatic; smoking, cessation; ultraviolet light, exposure; deployment; military provider

PMID: 26125160

DOI: 10.55460/4DC6-K44Y

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