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The Impedance Threshold Device (ITD-7) A New Device For Combat Casualty Care To Augment Circulation And Blood Pressure In Hypotensive Spontaneously Breathing Warfighters

Spring 2009

Parsons DL, Convertino VA, Idris A, Smith S, Lindstrom D, Parquette B, Aufderheide T. 09(2). 49 - 53. (Journal Article)


Inspiration through -7cm H2O resistance results in an increase in venous blood flow back to the heart and a subsequent increase in cardiac output and blood pressure in hypotensive animals and patients. Breathing through the impedance threshold device with 7cm H2O resistance (ITD-7) also reduces intracranial pressure with each inspiration, thereby providing greater blood flow to the brain. A new device called an ITD-7 was developed to exploit these physiological mechanisms to buy time in hypotensive War Fighters when other therapies are not readily available. Animal and clinical data with the ITD-7 demonstrate the potential value and limitations of this new non-invasive approach to enhancing circulation

PMID: 19813518