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Risk Associated With Autologous Fresh Whole Blood Training

Fall 2019

Donham B, Barbee GA, Deaton TG, Kerr W, Wier RP, Fisher AD. 19(3). 24 - 25. (Journal Article)


Fresh whole blood (FWB) is increasingly being recognized as the ideal resuscitative fluid for hemorrhagic shock. Because of this, military units are working to establish the capability to give FWB from a walking blood bank donor in environments that are unsupported by conventional blood bank services. Therefore, many military units are performing autologous blood transfusion training. In this training, a volunteer has a unit of blood collected and then transfused back into the same donor. The authors report their experience performing an estimated 3408 autologous transfusions in training and report no instances of hemolytic transfusion reactions or other major complications. With appropriate control measures in place, autologous FWB training is low-risk training.

Keywords: military personnel; blood transfusion; autologous; simulation training

PMID: 31539430

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