Page 3 - PJ MED OPS Handbook 8th Ed Preview
P. 3


                                      Col John Dorsch, DO
                                 USAF Pararescue Medical Director
                                    Lt Col Stephen Rush, MD
                                    MSgt Shawn Anderson, PJ
                             USAF Pararescue Medical Program Manager

                                   Current Edition Contributors
                                    Col Stacy Shackelford, MD
                                      LTC Lee Palmer, DVM
                                     LtCol Kristin Silvia, MD
                                      Maj Russel Gray, MD
                                     Capt P. Kjell Ballard, MD
                                      Capt David Glass, MD
                                      CMSgt Travis Shaw, PJ
                                   MSgt Thomas Culpepper, PJ
                                     Dr. Joseph Harre, DVM
                                     Mr. Brent Maney, NRP

                    For comments, questions or modification requests to this Handbook,
                        please contact the Pararescue Medical Program Manager.

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