Tourniquet Use on a Pediatric Patient


Gattere M, Scaffei N, Gozzetti L, Alessandrini M 21(1). 120 - 123 (Journal Article)

As a result of the increasing use and application of military tourniquets in civilian settings, it is necessary to evaluate the size and effectiveness of the equipment on patients that differ from the military-aged population for whom the devices have been primarily created. This case report describes the application of a tourniquet on a pediatric patient while also profiling a common situation in which the Combat Application Tourniquet GEN 7 (C-A-T Resources) might be used in civilian care systems. The case is that of a 14-month-old child who suffered a limb amputation secondary to a road accident in Italy and the ensuing life-saving treatment. The intervening nurse at the scene had been trained on the use of hemorrhage-control devices through the American College of Surgeons "Stop the Bleed" campaign.

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