The Impact of Progressive Simulation-Based Training on Tourniquet Application


Cole R, Steffens K, Flash Z, Conley S, Givens ML 99(5). 0 (Journal Article)

The Advanced Combat Medical Experience (ACME) is a progressive simulation-based training held for second-year medical students at the Uniformed Services University (USU). This study explored the impact of participating in ACME on students' tourniquet application skills. A panel of emergency medicine physician experts developed an assessment to evaluate the participants' performance. Trained raters then scored students' tourniquet application performance before and after participating in ACME. We conducted a Wilcoxon signed-rank test to detect any significant difference in the participants' pretest and posttest ratings as well as time it took them to apply the tourniquet. Our results indicated a significant difference in the pre- and posttest ratings of students as well as the time it took them to apply the tourniquet. This study confirms the effectiveness of progressive simulation-based education for teaching TCCC skills to military medical trainees.

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