A Novel Digital Research Methodology for Continuous Health Assessment of the Special Operations Warfighter: The Digital cORA Study


Saxon L, Faulk RT, Barrett T, McLelland S, Boberg J 22(4). 78 - 82 (Journal Article)

The role of US Special Operations Forces (SOF) globally has expanded greatly in the past 20 years, leaving SOF serving multiple deployments with little time or ability to recover in between. Currently, assessments of the health and human performance capabilities of these individuals are episodic, precluding an accurate assessment of physical and mental load over time, and leading to high rates of acute and chronic injury to the mind and body. The collection of personal health-related continuous datasets has recently been made feasible with the advancement of digital technologies. These comprehensive data allow for improved assessment, and consequently better results, partly due to the warfighters' real-time access to their data. Such information allows Soldiers to engage in their own health optimization. This article describes a research platform that allows for collection of data via a custom-made secure mobile application that extends the type, scope, and frequency of data collection beyond what is feasible during an in-person encounter. By digitizing existing assessments and by incorporating additional physical, neurocognitive, psychological, and lifestyle assessments, the platform provides individuals with the ability to better understand their mental and physical load, as well as reserve. The results of this interactive exchange may help to preserve the health of users as well as the stability and readiness of units.

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