Comparison of Warming Capabilities Between Buddy Lite, enFlow, and Thermal Angel for US Army Medical Personnel in Austere Conditions: A Literature Review


Vallier DJ, Anderson WJ, Snelson JV, Yauger YJ, Felix JR, Alford KI, Bermoy WA 22(4). 9 - 13 (Journal Article)

US Army Forward Surgical Elements (FSEs) are highly mobile teams that provide damage control surgery (DCS) and damage control resuscitation (DCR) in austere locations that often lack standard hospital utilities (electricity, heat, food, and water). FSEs rely on portable battery-operated intravenous (IV) fluid warmers to remain light and mobile. However, their ability to warm blood in a massive resuscitation requires additional analysis. The purpose of this literature review is to examine the three most common battery-operated IV fluid warmers as determined by type and quantity listed on the Mission Table of Organization and Equipment (MTOE) of organic mobile medical units. These include the Buddy Lite, enFlow, and Thermal Angel, which are available to deployed US Army FSEs for blood resuscitation therapy. Based on limited available evidence, the enFlow produced higher outlet temperatures, effectively warmed greater volumes, reached the time to peak temperature faster, and produced greatest flow rates, with cool saline (5-10°C), compared to the Thermal Angel and Buddy Lite. However, recently the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a Class 1 recall on enFlow cartridges. Testing demonstrated aluminum elution from enFlow cartridges into IV solutions, thereby exposing patients to potentially unsafe aluminum levels. The authors recommend FSE units conduct a 100% enFlow cartridge inventory and seek an alternative IV fluid warming system prior to enFlow cartridge disposal. If an alternative does not exist, or the alternative warming system does not fit mission requirements, then medical personnel must carefully weigh the risks and benefits associated with the enFlow delivery system.

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