Principles and Considerations in the Early Identification and Prehospital Treatment of Thrombocytopenia


Nietsch KS, Roach TM, Wilson ZD, Kelly SM 22(2). 75 - 79 (Journal Article)

Thrombocytopenia is a common condition characterized by a low platelet count, typically less than 150,000/µL. This article outlines key considerations for field medical providers to effectively identify the early signs of thrombocytopenia and treat different etiologies in the prehospital environment. Following a representative case study, we present a review of basic pathophysiology to include different manifestations of thrombocytopenia as well as diagnostic methods, treatments, and other necessary interventions in this unique setting. With an adequate understanding of typical patient histories and physical presentations leading to this diagnosis, field medics and physicians can be armed with useful information to potentially improve patient outcomes.

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