Hemoglobin-Based Oxygen Carrier for the Reconstitution of Canine Freeze-Dried Plasma in an In Vitro Model of Resuscitation


Edwards TH, Meledeo MA, Peltier GC, Henderson AF, Hammill RM, McIntosh CS, Bynum JA 22(1). 111 - 114 (Journal Article)

Military working dogs (MWDs) are force multipliers that are at risk for severe trauma when employed on the battlefield. When in severe hemorrhagic shock, MWDs require both oxygen- carrying capacity and replacement of vascular volume and coagulation factors. The objective of this study was to evaluate the hemostatic capacity of canine freeze-dried plasma (cFDP) with a Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved hemoglobin- based oxygen carrier (HBOC) in an in vitro model of resuscitation. Whole blood (WB) was collected from 10 MWDs, and these samples were diluted by 10%, 25%, or 40% with either cFDP (reconstituted with water), HBOC, cFDP (reconstituted with HBOC), or an equal volume of a 1:1 ratio of cFDP (reconstituted with water) and HBOC. Hemostatic parameters were minimally changed based on evaluation of prothrombin time, activated partial thromboplastin time, fibrinogen and thromboelastography at the 10% and 25% dilutions, and parameters consistent with a hypocoagulability were seen at dilutions of 40%. Based on the results of this study, additional research is warranted to determine if cFDP reconstituted with HBOC is a viable resuscitation product in canine trauma.

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