Far-Forward Blood Donation and Donor Performance


Guilllotte CA, Schilling BK 21(2). 89 - 91 (Journal Article)

Fresh whole blood transfusion is advantageous when operating far-forward for both its availability and its physiological advantages over component therapy. However, the far-forward environment may place high physical performance demands on the donor immediately after donation. The aim of this paper was to briefly review the current literature on the effects of whole blood donation on a male donor's immediate physical performance after a standard donation volume of one unit (~450mL). Studies demonstrate reductions in peak volume of oxygen (VO2peak) of ~4% to 15% and time to exhaustion (TTE) of ~10% to 19% in the first 24 to 48 hours after donation. Anaerobic or cognitive performance has not been shown to decrease, but data on these parameters are limited. Donor physical performance decrements after a standard 450mL donation are minimal and may be mitigated through proper exercise training because training status may positively affect many variables that blood donation temporarily attenuates.

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