A Case Study of Long-Range Rotary Wing Critical Care Transport in the Battlefield Environment


Eastman J, Dumont J, Green K 21(2). 77 - 79 (Journal Article)

Military medical evacuation continues to grow both in distance and transport times. With the need for long-range transport of greater than 2 hours, crews are having to manage critical care patients for longer trips. This case study evaluates one specific event in which long-range transport of a sick noncombat patient required an enroute critical care team. Medical electronics and other equipment require special attention. Oxygen bottles and batteries for medical devices become the limiting factor in transport from point to point. Having to juggle multiple data streams requires prioritization and reassessment of interventions. Using the mnemonic "bottles, bags, batteries, battlefield environment" keeps the transport paramedic and enroute care nurse on track to effectively deliver the patient to the next level of care. Consideration should be given to such mnemonics for long critical care transports.

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