OMNA Marine Tourniquet Self-Application


Hingtgen E, Wall PL, Buising CM 20(3). 52 - 61 (Journal Article)

Background: The OMNA Marine Tourniquet is a 5.1cm-wide, simple redirect buckle, hoop-and-loop secured, ratcheting tourniquet designed for storage and use in marine environments. This study evaluated self-application effectiveness and pressures. Methods: Triplicate secured, occlusion, and completion pressures were measured during 60 subjects pulling down or up thigh applications and nondominant, single-handed arm applications. Arm pressure measurements required circumferences ≥30cm. Results: Thirty-one subjects had arm circumferences ≥30cm. All 540 applications were effective; 376 of 453 applications had known secured pressures >150mmHg (89 of 93 arm). Thigh down versus up pulling directions were not different (secured, occlusion, and completion pressures and ladder tooth advances). Occlusion pressures were 348mmHg (275-521mmHg) for combined thighs and 285mmHg (211-372mmHg) for arms. Completion pressures were 414mmHg (320-588mmHg) for combined thighs and 344mmHg (261-404mmHg) for arms. Correlations between secured pressures and occlusion ladder tooth advances (clicks) were r2 = 0.44 for combined thighs and 0.68 for arms. Correlations between occlusion pressures and occlusion clicks were poor (r2 = 0.24, P < .0001 for combined thighs and r2 = 0.027, P = .38 for arms). Conclusions: The OMNA Marine Tourniquet can be self-applied effectively, including one-handed applications. Occlusion and completion pressures are similar to reported 3.8cm-wide Ratcheting Medical Tourniquet pressures.

  • Manufacturer: Breakaway Media, LLC

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