The Rise of the Stop the Bleed Campaign in Italy


Valsecchi D, Sassi G, Tiraboschi L, Bonetti M, Lagazzi E, Michelon AM, Nicolussi T, Stevan A, Bonasera-Vincenti NM, Guelfi-Pulvano R, Tripodi R 19(4). 95 - 99 (Journal Article)

Background: The B-Con Basic 1.0 protocol is a medical training designed to teach how to control massive external haemorrhages in emergency conditions. Spread throughout the United States since 2013, thanks to the Stop the Bleed campaign, it has seen a progressive international spread during 2016-2018. We report here data from the first 18 months of our training in Italy. Methods: Since January 2017, military Operators enlisted to the Volunteer Military Corps of the Italian Red Cross and registered to the ACS B-Con instructor database have provided B-Con courses. These instructors have provided extensive training, involving learners among military and civilian populations, especially health professionals and students. Further, they have obtained a formal adhesion to the National Stop the Bleed Day 2018. Results: Through August 2018, we trained 1186 learners in Italy on the B-Con protocol. The learners were mainly military personnel and law enforcement agents (620 [52%]) but also students and civilian health personnel (566 [48%]). Conclusion: The B-Con protocol has been very well received in Italy by military and police personnel. Good results have been assessed among civilian health professionals and medical students, especially by those operators involved in the field of emergency medicine.

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