Performance Enhancement Assessment and Coaching in US Army Special Operations: Rapidly Enhancing Performance Through Targeted, Tailored Feedback


Barry DM, DeVries M 19(4). 66 - 73 (Journal Article)

Background: Performance enhancement coaching poses significant benefits to individuals and organizations, such as improved job satisfaction and goal achievement. Given their training and experience in assessment and feedback, operational psychologists assigned to Special Operations units are uniquely positioned to provide performance enhancement coaching tailored to Operators and enablers. A preliminary program evaluation was conducted of the Performance Enhancement Assessment and Coaching (PEAC) Program. Methods: A sample of 32 Operators and enablers assigned to a US Army Special Operations Forces (ARSOF) unit voluntarily participated in the PEAC Program and completed one 90-minute coaching session. Following their coaching session, Soldiers provided qualitative and quantitative feedback on their coaching experience. Results: Soldiers overwhelmingly agreed that the PEAC Program was worth their time and helpful towards achieving their goals. Results indicate the PEAC Program enhanced Soldiers' perceived self-awareness, self-efficacy, and job performance. Results also suggest performance enhancement coaching may improve pass rates on interpersonally demanding Special Operations courses. Conclusion: Performance enhancement coaching delivers considerable value for Special Operations personnel and their organizations in relatively minimal time. Operational psychologist coaches (OPCs) assigned to Special Operations units can leverage their assessment skills to provide targeted, tailored performance enhancement coaching and increase value to their organizations.

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