A Case for Improvised Medical Training


Hetzler MR 19(4). 123 - 125 (Journal Article)

The hyperresourced, uber-controlled, ultrareactive, constant environment that we have come to know in the past 20 years should not be mistaken as the norm in conflict. In truth, unrealistic expectations of both commanders and systems in resourcing is presently being reinforced almost daily. Only in the past few years of this decade have the majority of allied forces experienced challenge in resupply and support in contingency operations. When logistical lines are cut, limited, or untimely, we must know and exercise other means of providing the highest level of medical care possible-if not with indigenous ways and means, then by improvisation. History has proved that improvised medicine can be capable, professional, and ethically sound if practiced properly and to standards, the price being time, education, and investment in the requirement. Most often, these are already time-honored means of care.

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