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Ranger Medic Handbook 2020 Updates ( Copy ) (978-1-7366242-3-4)
Water/Tear Resistant Paper Print: 978-1-7332239-6-6
Advanced Ranger First Responder Handbook
Advanced Ranger First Responder Handbook (978-1-7332239-8-0)
The Advanced Ranger First Responders are trusted with an advanced skillset of procedures, medications, and training. They are trained on specific first responder medical skills to provide a higher level of trauma response during Ranger operations. The ARFR is expected to provide limited scope trauma and emergency care in a tactical or austere setting; they may work independently or in support of a medical provider. They are proficient at advanced medical procedures and basic medication administration. The skills in this handbook enhance the basics of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC)
The Advanced Ranger First Responder Handbook is a guide for medics trained to be the first line of care for injured personnel.
Independent Duty Medical Technician (IDMT) Protocols Handbook ( Copy ) (978-1-7366242-1-0)

The Independent Duty Medical Technician (IDMT) Protocols Handbook is use by medics throughout the USAF. This Protocols Handbook covers medical and dental protocols.

This Handbook is in production. Estimated ship date is 15 July 2019

Standard Medical Operations Guide (SMOG) ( Copy ) ( Copy ) (978-1-7366242-2-7)
This current set of medical guidelines were developed through a collaboration of Emergency Medicine professionals, experienced Flight Medics, Aeromedical Physician Assistants, Critical Care Nurses, and Flight Surgeons. There has been close coordination in the development of these guidelines by the Joint Trauma System, Committee of En Route Combat Casualty Care and the Committee of Tactical Combat Casualty Care. The shared goal is to ensure excellent en route care that is standard across all evacuation and emergency medical pre-hospital units. All these enhancements and improvements will advance en route care across the services and the Department of Defense.

This product is available for preorder. Expected ship date is 31 August
Pararescue Medical Operations (PJ MED) handbook 7th Ed ( Copy ) (978-1-7332239-4-2)
The Pararescue Medical Operations Handbook is designed to form the basis of medical practice during both Rescue Operations and training mishaps for USAF Pararescuemen (PJs). This revised handbook includes an outline of the Principles of PJ medicine and the patient assessment checklist. This approach to patients is slightly modified from traditional primary and secondary surveys to reflect both a more efficient and a comprehensive approach to combat trauma based on PJ experience and data from Overseas Contingency Operations. Portions of the Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) guidelines and the ATP Tactical Medical Emergency Protocols (TMEPS) that pertain to the Pararescue are included and have been modified to suit the PJ mission. The goal remains to have all PJs work to a single standard. The section on prolonged care has been modified and expanded based on PJ experiences.
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