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Spring 2024, Vol 24, Edition 1

ISSN: 1553-9768


Journal of Special Operations Medicine™

Feature Articles

Occlusion Pressures of Tactical Pneumatic Tourniquet 2" (11 - 17)

Wall P, Buising CM, Eernisse D, Rentschler T, Winters C, Renner CH

PMID: 38300879

DOI: P75U-HM00

Life Over Limb: Why Not Both? Revisiting Tourniquet Practices Based on Lessons Learned From the War in Ukraine (18 - 25)

Patterson J, Bryan RT, Turconi M, Leiner A, Plackett TP, Rhodes LL, Sciulli L, Donnelly S, Reynolds CW, Leanza J, Fisher AD, Kushnir T, Artemenko V, Ward KR, Holcomb JB, Schmitzberger FF

PMID: 38300880

DOI: V057-2PCH

Development and Implementation of a Standard Operating Procedure for Military Working Dog Blood Collection, Storage, and Transport (28 - 30)

Evernham EL, Fedeles BT, Knuf K

PMID: 38360026


Derivation of a Procedural Performance Checklist for Bifemoral Veno-Venous Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Cannula Placement in Operational Environments (32 - 37)

Powell E, Betzold R, Kundi R, Anderson D, Haase D, Keville M, Galvagno S

PMID: 38278770


Emergency Fresh Whole Blood Transfusion Training for Ukrainian Health Professionals in Austere Environments (38 - 47)

Brown ZL, Cuestas JP, Matthews KJ, Shumaker JT, Moore DW, Cole R

PMID: 38408046


Heat Tolerance Testing and the Return to Duty Decision: A Two-Year Case Cohort Analysis (48 - 52)

Kester R, Abraham PA, Leggit JC, Harp JB, Kazman JB, Deuster PA, O'Connor FG

PMID: 38360027


When Minutes Matter: A Comparison of Whole Blood Collection Techniques (53 - 59)

Wier R, Walther S, Woodard C, Jordan CS, Matthews KJ, Deaton TG, Drew B, Byrne T, Zarow GJ

PMID: 38446068


Case Reports

Prescreened Whole O Blood Group Walking Blood Bank Capabilities for Nontraditional Maritime Medical Receiving Platforms: A Case Series (60 - 66)

Chang R, Boyle BP, Udoh MO, Maestas JM, Gehrz JA, Ruano E, Banker L, Cap AP, Bitterman JW, Deaton TG, Auten JD

PMID: 38408045


Feature Articles

The Use of Tourniquets in the Russo-Ukrainian War (67 - 70)

Samarskiy IM, Khoroshun EM, Vorokhta Y

PMID: 38408044


Water Decontamination Products for Wound Irrigation in Austere Environments: Benchtop Evaluation and Recommendations (71 - 75)

Holcomb I, Shiels S, Marsh N, Stinner D, McGwin G, Holcomb JB, Wenke JC

PMID: 38488823