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Winter 2023, Vol 23, Edition 4

ISSN: 1553-9768


Journal of Special Operations Medicine™

Feature Articles

Effects of Tourniquet Features on Application Processes (11 - 30)

Wall P, Buising CM, Jensen J, White A, Davis J, Renner CH

PMID: 38085636

DOI: 8FFG-1Q48

Effects of Tourniquet Features on Application Processes Times (31 - 42)

Wall P, Buising CM, White A, Jensen J, Davis J, Renner CH

PMID: 38112184


The Impact of Progressive Simulation-Based Training on Tourniquet Application (43 - 46)

Cole R, Steffens K, Flash Z, Conley S, Givens ML

PMID: 37851858


Optimizing Brain Health of United States Special Operations Forces (47 - 56)

Edlow BL, Gilmore N, Tromly SL, Deary KB, McKinney IR, Hu CG, Kelemen JN, Maffei C, Tseng CJ, Llorden GR, Healy BC, Masood M, Cali RJ, Baxter T, Yao EF, Belanger HG, Benjamini D, Basser PJ, Priemer DS, Kimberly WT, Polimeni JR, Rosen BR, Fischl B, Zurcher NR, Greve DN, Hooker JM, Huang SY, Caruso A, Smith GA, Szymanski TG, Perl DP, Dams-O'Connor K, Mac Donald CL, Bodien YG

PMID: 37851859


Effects of Airway Localization Device Use During Surgical Cricothyrotomy on Procedural Times and Confidence Levels of Pre-Hospital Personnel (57 - 61)

Schlocker C, Grosser S, Spaulding C, Beltrech B, Brady R

PMID: 37976434


Unconventional Resilience: An Operational Model (64 - 68)

Jeschke EA, Baker JB, Wyma-Bradley J, Dorsch J, Huffman SL

PMID: 37972384


A Brief Primer on the Concept of the Neuroweapon for U.S. Military Medical Personnel (70 - 74)

Washington M, Dinh DT, Ibarra C, Kua SC

PMID: 37976420