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Winter 2022, Vol 22, Edition 4

ISSN: 1553-9768


Journal of Special Operations Medicine™

Feature Articles

Comparison of Warming Capabilities Between Buddy Lite, enFlow, and Thermal Angel for US Army Medical Personnel in Austere Conditions: A Literature Review (9 - 13)

Vallier DJ, Anderson WJ, Snelson JV, Yauger YJ, Felix JR, Alford KI, Bermoy WA

PMID: 36525005


Improvised Management of Polycythemia Vera Using Whole Blood Transfusion Kits (15 - 17)

Carius BM, Dodge PM, Bates JA, Castaneda P

PMID: 36525006

DOI: 17K4-F6CV

Incidence of Airway Interventions in the Setting of Serious Facial Trauma (18 - 21)

Schauer S, Naylor JF, Fisher AD, Becker TE, April MD

PMID: 36525007


Does Mental and Visual Skills Training Improve High-Value Target Identification and Marksmanship Among Elite Soldiers? (22 - 25)

Dawes JJ, Tramel W, Bartley N, Bricker D, Werth-Bailey K, Brodine L, Clark C, Goldberg P, Pagel K, Federico T, Bullinger D, Canada DM

PMID: 36525008


Unit Collective Medical Training in the 75th Ranger Regiment (28 - 39)

Gonzalez S, Vasquez PF, Montgomery HR, Conklin CC, Conaway ZA, Pate DM, Lopata JF, Kotwal RS

PMID: 36525009

DOI: 8R6U-KY01

Comparing a Novel Hand-Held Device for Chest Tube Insertion to the Traditional Open Tube Thoracostomy for Simple Pneumothorax in a Porcine Model (41 - 45)

Dilday J, Heidenreich B, Spitzer H, Abuhakmeh Y, Ahnfeldt E, Watt J, Mase VJ

PMID: 36525010


Where Do We Stand on "Buddy Transfusion" During Military Operations? (46 - 49)

Daniel Y, Derkenne C, Mahe P, Travers S, Martinaud C

PMID: 36525011

DOI: J1X0-4X05

Cric in the Dark: Surgical Cricothyrotomy in Low Light Tactical Environments (50 - 54)

Getz C, Stuart SM, Barbour BM, Verga JM, Roszko PJ, Friedrich EE

PMID: 36525012


An Exploratory Comparison of Water-Tamped and -Untamped Explosive Breaches: Practical Applications for the Tactical Community via a Pilot Study (56 - 59)

Kamimori GH, McQuiggan W, Ramos AN, LaValle CR, Misistia A, Salib J, Egnoto MJ

PMID: 36525013


After Action Report: Lessons Learned From Simulating Unified Command In Response to an Active Shooter Incident Using a Command Competency Laboratory (60 - 64)

Neal DJ, Loconti P, Mengel T, Holway K, Wenner D

PMID: 36525014

DOI: VU55-6JG4

Flotation-Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique: A Proposed Therapy for Improving Performance and Recovery in Special Forces Operators - A Narrative Review (65 - 69)

O'Hara R, Sussman LR, Sheehan R, Keizer B, Tiede JM

PMID: 36525015

DOI: 98PG-19VH

Airway and Hypothermia Prevention: and Treatment via STEAM The System for Thermogenic Emergency Airway Management (72 - 76)

Stevens R, Pierce B, Tilley L

PMID: 36525016


A Novel Digital Research Methodology for Continuous Health Assessment of the Special Operations Warfighter: The Digital cORA Study (78 - 82)

Saxon L, Faulk RT, Barrett T, McLelland S, Boberg J

PMID: 36525017


Military Medical Evacuation After the Benghazi Embassy Attack: Implications for Military Support of Diplomatic Missions (83 - 86)

Tekmal S, Lockett C, Long B, Schauer S

PMID: 36525018


iTClamp-Mediated Wound Closure Speeds Control of Arterial Hemorrhage With or Without Additional Hemostatic Agents (87 - 92)

Stuart SM, Bohan ML, Mclean JB, Walchak AC, Friedrich EE

PMID: 36525019


Case Reports

The Challenges of Treating Complex Medical Patients in the Role 2 Environment: A Case Series (93 - 96)

Ward H, Downing N, Goller S, Stremick J

PMID: 36525020


Ongoing Series

Human Performance Optimization

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Benefits for Performance and Recovery (97 - 101)

Rittenhouse M, Deuster PA

PMID: 36525021

DOI: 6I33-5IPR

Injury Prevention

Sleep and Injuries in Military Personnel With Suggestions for Improving Sleep and Mitigating Effects of Sleep Loss (102 - 110)

Knapik JJ, Caldwell JA, Ritland BM

PMID: 36525022


Prolonged Casualty Care

Experience With Trauma-Induced ARDS: A Retrospective Study of US Wartime Casualties 2003-2015 (111 - 116)

Nam JJ, McCravy MS, Haines KL, Thomas SB, Aden JK, Johnston LR, Mason PE, Gurney J, Sams VG

PMID: 36525023


Unconventional Medicine

Prisoner of War Medical Ingenuity in Far East Captivity (117 - 121)

Parkes M, Gill G

PMID: 36525024


Veterinary Medicine

Identification of Potentially Preventable Traumatic Injury Among Military Working Dogs Deployed During the Global War on Terror (122 - 129)

Cwikla J, Edwards TH, Giles JT, Kennedy S, Smith B, Gimeno Ruiz de Porras D, Scott LL

PMID: 36525025


Book Review

13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened in Benghazi (130)

Graverson SP

TCCC Critical Decision Case Studies

TCCC Critical Decision Case Studies (132 - 135)

Anonymous A

PMID: 36525026