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Spring 2022, Vol 22, Edition 1

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Journal of Special Operations Medicine™

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor (9)

Howard CM, Veach S, Lyon RF, Shaw KA

PMID: 35278311 PubMed Citation

Feature Articles

Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) Guidelines for Medical Personnel 15 December 2021 (11 - 17)

Anonymous A

PMID: 35278312 PubMed Citation

Prolonged Casualty Care Guidelines 21 December 2021 (18 - 47)

Remley MA, Loos PE, Riesberg JC

PMID: 35278313 PubMed Citation

The Myths of Uncontrolled Emergence Reactions and Consideration to Stop Mandatory, Protocolled Midazolam Coadministration With Ketamine (49 - 54)

Hiller HM, Drew B, Fisher AD, Cuthrell M, Spradling JC

PMID: 35278314 PubMed Citation

Feasibility of Obtaining Intraosseous and Intravenous Access Using Night Vision Goggle Focusing Adaptors (56 - 63)

Iteen A, Koch EJ, Wojahn A, Gutierrez R, Hildreth A, Rudinsky S, Deaton TG, Zarow GJ

PMID: 35278315 PubMed Citation

Expeditionary Mechanical Ventilation in Conjunction With Extracorporeal Life Support During Ground Transport (64 - 69)

Beely BM, Harea GT, Wendorff DS, Choi JH, Sieck K, Karaliou V, Cannon JW, Lantry JH, Cancio LC, Sams VG, Batchinsky AI

PMID: 35278316 PubMed Citation

Use of Knives and Multitools to Perform a Cadaveric Limb Amputation (71 - 75)

Baker RA, Worth K, Pourrajabi N, Martin J, Mitchell S, Baker S

PMID: 35278317 PubMed Citation

Efficacy of Vancomycin Powder in Mitigating Infection of Open Penetrating Trauma Wounds on the Battlefield: An Evidence-Based Review (76 - 80)

TerBeek BR, Loos PE, Pekari TB, Tennent DJ

PMID: 35278318 PubMed Citation

Austere Fasciotomy: Alternative Equipment for Performance in the Field (81 - 86)

DeSoucy ES, Hewitt CW, Bolleter S

PMID: 35278319 PubMed Citation

Battlefield Management of Facial Fractures Using Minnie Ties: An Innovative Technique for Maxillomandibular Fixation (87 - 91)

Ivory JW, Jenzer AC

PMID: 35278320 PubMed Citation

Linear Regression as a Method to Prioritize Humanitarian Efforts in Stability Operations (92 - 96)

Nicholson J, Perry MJ

PMID: 35278321 PubMed Citation

Injuries and Interventions on Transported Military Working Dogs Within the US Central Command (97 - 101)

Johnson SA, Carr C, Reeves LK, Bean K, Schauer SG

PMID: 35278322 PubMed Citation

In Brief

Contrived Breathing Circuit Connection for Emergency Percutaneous Transtracheal Ventilation by Needle Cricothyrotomy in the Field (102 - 103)

Naftalovich R, Iskander AJ

PMID: 35278323 PubMed Citation

Case Reports

Pulseless Arrest After Rapid Sequence Intubation of the Massively Hemorrhaged Warfighter: A Case Series (104 - 107)

Schwarzkoph BW, Iteen D, Auten B

PMID: 35278324 PubMed Citation

Telemedicine Supervision of Resuscitative Endovascular Balloon Occlusion of the Aorta (REBOA) Catheter Placement (108 - 110)

Qasim Z, Graham C

PMID: 35278325 PubMed Citation

Ongoing Series

Canine Medicine

Hemoglobin-Based Oxygen Carrier for the Reconstitution of Canine Freeze-Dried Plasma in an In Vitro Model of Resuscitation (111 - 114)

Edwards TH, Meledeo MA, Peltier GC, Henderson AF, Hammill RM, McIntosh CS, Bynum JA

PMID: 35278326 PubMed Citation

Human Performance Optimization

Advancing the Practice of Contemporary Military Performance Psychology:A Full-Spectrum Approach to Psychological Health and Readiness (115 - 120)

Park GH, Knust SK, Haselhuhn S, Whalen SJ, Deuster PA, Greene CH, Dretsch MN, Bonvie JL, Lippy RD, Lunasco TK, Myatt CA

PMID: 35278327 PubMed Citation

Injury Prevention

Injuries During High-Intensity Functional Training: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis (121 - 129)

Knapik JJ

PMID: 35278328 PubMed Citation

Law Enforcement & Tactical Medicine

Standardized Patient Methodology in Tactical Medical Education (130 - 132)

Tang N, Jones KD, Kemp SJ, Knapp JG

PMID: 35278329 PubMed Citation

Psychological Performance

Veterans and Suicide: An Integrative Review of Risk Factors and Suicide Reduction Services (134 - 140)

Crawford S, Duffey JM, Doss KM

PMID: 35278330 PubMed Citation

Book Review

A Woman of No Importance: The Untold Story of the American Spy Who Helped Win World War II (141)

Graverson SP

TCCC Updates

Committee on Surgical Combat Casualty Care Position: Statement on Single-Surgeon Teams (144 - 145)

Anonymous A, Anonymous A

PMID: 35278331 PubMed Citation