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Winter 2021, Vol 21, Edition 4

ISSN: 1553-9768


Journal of Special Operations Medicine™

Feature Articles

Joint Trauma System Clinical Practice Guideline (JTS CPG): Prehospital Blood Transfusion. 30 October 2020 (11 - 21)

Voller J, Tobin JM, Cap AP, Cunningham CW, Denoyer M, Drew B, Johannigman J, Mann-Salinas EA, Walrath B, Gurney JM, Shackelford SA

An Introduction to the Processionary Caterpillar, An Underrecognized Threat to US Military Personnel in Australia (22 - 24)

Washington MA, Farrell J, Meany J, Chow W

A Prospective, Feasibility Assessment of a Novel, Disposable Video Laryngoscope With Special Operations Medical Personnel in a Mobile Helicopter Simulation Setting (26 - 29)

Schauer SG, Mendez J, Uhaa N, Hudson IL, Weymouth WL

Asymmetrical Loading Patterns in Military Personnel With a History of Self-Reported Low Back Pain (30 - 35)

Johnson AK, Royer SD, Ross JA, Poploski KM, Sheppard RL, Heebner NR, Abt JP, Winters JD

Stress Inoculation Training (SIT-NORCAL), Part 1: The Development and Preliminary Evaluation of a Psychological Performance Training Protocol (37 - 45)

Jackson SE, Baity MR, Thomas PR, Barba D, Jacobson D, Goodkind M, Swick D, Ivey AS

Stress Inoculation Training (SIT-NORCAL), Part 2: A Pilot Study Among Explosive Ordnance Disposal Special Warfare Enablers (46 - 53)

Jackson SE, Baity MR, Thomas PR, Walker M, Goodkind M, Swick D, Barba D, Jacobson D, Byrd E, Ivey AS

Comprehensive Ultrasound Course for Special Operations Combat and Tactical Medics (54 - 61)

Fatima H, Kuppalli S, Baribeau V, Wong VT, Chaudhary O, Sharkey A, Bordlee JW, Leibowitz A, Murugappan K, Pannu A, Rubenstein LA, Walsh DP, Kunze LJ, Stiles JK, Weinstein J, Mahmood F, Matyal R, Lodico DN, Mitchell J

Use of Topical Hemostatic Dressings in an Extended Field Care Model (63 - 65)

Welch M, Barratt J, Peters A, Wright C

Emergency Medical Services Provider Self-Reported Occupational Safety (66 - 70)

Luk JH, Chang BF, Albus ML, Morgan SA, Szymanski TJ, Hamid OS, Keller L, Daher AF, Sheele JM

Updated Considerations for the Use of Anesthesia Gas Machines in a Critical Care Setting During the Coronavirus Disease Pandemic (71 - 76)

Wickens CD, Delmonaco BL, Pelleg T

Development of a Swine Polytrauma Model in the Absence of Fluid Resuscitation (77 - 82)

Abdou H, Patel N, Edwards J, Richmond MJ, Elansary N, Du J, Poliner D, Morrison JJ


"Now, more than ever": The Virtual Combat Medical Care Conference 2021 in a Pandemic Setting (83 - 84)

Weber S, Josse F

2021 Combat Medical Care (CMC) Conference Abstracts (85 - 89)

Anonymous A

Case Reports

Prehospital Iliac Crest Intraosseous Whole Blood Infusion (90 - 93)

Fulghum GH, Gravano B, Foudrait A, Rush SC, Paladino L

Use of Walking Blood Bank at Point of Injury During Combat Operations: A Case Report (94 - 98)

Gaddy M, Fickling A, Hannick VC, Shackelford SA

Casualty Evacuation (CASEVAC) Platform Review and Case Series of US Military Enroute Critical Care Team With Contract Personnel Recovery Services in an Austere Environment (99 - 103)

Boyer NL, Mazarella JA, Thronson EE, Brillhart DB

Ongoing Series

Infectious Diseases

Melioidosis (104 - 105)

Anonymous A

Centipede Bites (106 - 107)

Randich HB, Burnett MW

Latent TB Infection in USSOF: A Refresher and Update (108 - 111)

Tang SH, Evans JD, Vostal A, Shishido AA

Injury Prevention

Injuries During High-Intensity Functional Training (112 - 115)

Knapik JJ

Snake Envenomation Management

Asclepius Snakebite Foundation Update (116 - 117)

Benjamin JM

There I Was

Ultramobile Surgical Set for Austere Damage Control Surgery (118 - 123)

Lundy JB, Sparkman BK, Sleeter JJ, Steinberger Z, Remick KN

TCCC Updates

Fluid Resuscitation in Tactical Combat Casualty Care; TCCC Guidelines Change 21-01. 4 November 2021 (126 - 137)

Deaton TG, Auten JD, Betzold R, Butler FK, Byrne T, Cap AP, Donham B, DuBose JJ, Fisher AD, Hancock J, Jourdain V, Knight RM, Littlejohn LF, Martin MJ, Toland K, Drew B

The Management of Abdominal Evisceration in Tactical Combat Casualty Care: TCCC Guideline Change 20-02 (138 - 142)

Riesberg JC, Gurney JM, Morgan M, Northern DM, Onifer DJ, Gephart WJ, Remley MA, Eickhoff E, Miller C, Eastridge BJ, Montgomery HR, Butler FK, Drew B