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Fall 2021, Vol 21, Edition 3

ISSN: 1553-9768


Journal of Special Operations Medicine™

Feature Articles

Joint Trauma System Clinical Practice Guideline: Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS). 14 May 2021 (11 - 20)

Sarkisian S, Sletten ZJ, Clark RA, Soh EK, Appel DA, Bellin DA, Nayak KR, Kaviratne S, Strilka R, Schimke A, Nasir J, Mone D, Keenan S, Shackelford SA

Exploring Tourniquet Conversion in Simulation to Develop Concepts and Hypotheses (23 - 29)

Kragh JF, Le TD, Dubick MA

Limb Tourniquet Holding Location: Model Results Fail to Translate to Human Results (30 - 35)

Wall PL, Buising CM

Effectiveness of Short Training in Resuscitative Endovascular Balloon Occlusion of the Aorta (REBOA) by Emergency Physicians: The Applied Course for Internal Aortic Clamping on Field Mission (36 - 40)

Thabouillot O, Boddaert G, Travers S, Dubecq C, Derkenne C, Kedzierewicz R, Bertho K, Prunet B

Physiological Response in a Specialist Paramedic During Helicopter Winch Rescue in Remote Wilderness and Extreme Heat (41 - 44)

Meadley BN, Horton E, Perraton L, Smith K, Bowles K

Studies on the Correct Length of Nasopharyngeal Airways in Adults: A Literature Review (45 - 50)

Scheuermann-Poley C, Lieber A

Chemical Warfare Agents in Terrorist Attacks: An Interregional Comparison, Tactical Response Implications, and the Emergence of Counterterrorism Medicine (51 - 54)

Tin D, Pepper M, Hart A, Hertelendy A, Ciottone G

Impact of a 10,000-m Cold-Water Swim on Norwegian Naval Special Forces Recruits (55 - 59)

Melau J, Hisdal J, Solberg PA

COVID-19 Antibody Prevalence From July to September 2020: One Army Infantry Brigade's Experience (60 - 65)

Koo AY, Rodgers DK, Johnson KA, Gordon LL, Mease LE, Couperus KS

Blood Product Administration During Transport Throughout the US Africa Command Theater of Operation (66 - 70)

Schauer SG, Naylor JF, Fisher AD, Hyams DG, Carius BM, Escandon MA, Linscomb CD, McDonald H, Cap AP, Bynum J

Self-Reported Musculoskeletal Injury Healthcare-Seeking Behaviors in US Air Force Special Warfare Personnel (72 - 77)

Hotaling B, Theiss J, Cohen B, Wilburn K, Emberton J, Westrick R

Efficacy of Commercial Chest Seal Adherence and Tension Pneumothorax Prevention: A Systematic Review of Quantitative Studies (78 - 85)

Paquette R, Quinene M, Blackbourne LH, Allen PB

Caffeine Gum Does Not Improve Marksmanship, Bound Duration, Susceptibility to Enemy Fire, or Cognitive Performance During Tactical Combat Movement Simulation (86 - 92)

Stein JA, Hepler TC, DeBlauw JA, Beattie CM, Beshirs CD, Holte KM, Kurtz BK, Heinrich KM

Telementorship in Underway Naval Operations: Leveraging Operational Virtual Health for Tactical Combat Casualty Care (93 - 95)

Wessels LE, Roper MT, Ignacio RC, Davis KL, Ambrosio AA

Letter to the Editor

Use of the Intranasal Route for Administration of Ketamine by Special Operations Medical Personnel During Training Mishaps (96 - 97)

Montagnon R, Dubecq C, Pasquier P


Serving Those Who Served: The Yellow Ribbon Program and US Medical Education (98 - 99)

Bellaire CP, Shin J, Nietsch KS, Ditzel RM, Appel JM


2021 Scientific Assembly Research Award Winners and Presentations (100 - 106)

Anonymous A

Ongoing Series

Injury Prevention

Update on Minimalist Running Shoes (107 - 110)

Knapik JJ, Orr R, Pope R

Lest We Forget

Blood Transfusion as a Therapeutic Maneuver (111 - 117)

Anderson JL, Johannigman J

Special Mindset

Timeline of Psychological and Physiological Effects Occurring During Military Deployment on a Medical Team (118 - 122)

Hall AB, Qureshi I, Wilson RL, Glasser JJ

There I Was

Lessons Learned From a Traumatic Brain Injury Mass Casualty Incident (123 - 125)

Killian B, Clark R, Hu C

The World of Special Operations Medicine

First Aid UCV (Green Cross) for Prehospital Medicine in Social Commotion Situations (126 - 133)

Chacon-Lozsan F, Davila F

TCCC Updates

Tactical Combat Casualty Care Scenario: Management of a Gunshot Wound to the Chest in a Combat Swimmer (138 - 142)

Butler FK, Littlejohn LF, Byrne T, Martino E, Montgomery HR, Drew B