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Spring 2021, Vol 21, Edition 1

ISSN: 1553-9768


Journal of Special Operations Medicine™

Feature Articles

Limb Position Change Affects Tourniquet Pressure (11 - 17)

Wall PL, Buising CM, Hingtgen E, White A, Jensen J

Performance Characteristics of Fluid Warming Technology in Austere Environments (18 - 24)

Blakeman T, Fowler J, Branson R, Petro M, Rodriquez D

Rationale and Implementation of a Novel Special Operations Medical Officer Course (25 - 29)

Fedor PJ, Dorsch J, Kharod C, Paladino L, Rush SC

Conversion of the Abdominal Aortic and Junctional Tourniquet (AAJT) to Infrarenal Resuscitative Endovascular Balloon Occlusion of the Aorta (REBOA) Is Practical in a Swine Hemorrhage Model (30 - 36)

Stigall K, Blough PE, Rall JM, Kauvar DS

Use of a Pressure Cooker to Achieve Sterilization for an Expeditionary Environment (37 - 39)

Cook RK, McDaniel J, Pelaez M, Beltran T, Webb O

Combat Casualty Care Training: Implementation of a Simulation-Based Program in a Cross-Cultural Setting: Experience of the French Military Health Service in West Africa (41 - 43)

Cotte J, Montcriol A, Benner P, Belliard V, Roumanet P, Puidupin A, Puidupin M

Commercial and Improvised Pelvic Compression Devices: Applied Force and Implications for Hemorrhage Control (44 - 48)

Bailey RA, Simon EM, Kreiner A, Powers D, Baker L, Giles C, Sweet R, Rush SC

Prehospital Needle Decompression Improves Clinical Outcomes in Helicopter Evacuation Patients With Multisystem Trauma: A Multicenter Study (49 - 54)

Henry R, Ghafil C, Golden A, Matsushima K, Eckstein M, Foran CP, Theeuwen H, Bentley DE, Inaba K, Strumwasser A

Secondary Traumatic Stress in Emergency Services Systems (STRESS) Project: Quantifying Personal Trauma Profiles for Secondary Stress Syndromes in Emergency Medical Services Personnel With Prior Military Service (55 - 64)

Renkiewicz GK, Hubble MW

Red-Green Tactical Lighting Is Preferred for Suturing Wounds in a Simulated Night Environment (65 - 69)

Noyes BP, Mclean JB, Walchak AC, Zarow GJ, Gaspary MJ, Knoop KJ, Roszko PJ

Tourniquet Application by Urban Police Officers: The Aurora, Colorado Experience (71 - 76)

Jerome JE, Pons PT, Haukoos JS, Manson J, Gravitz S

Applications of Fish Oil Supplementation for Special Operators (78 - 85)

Heileson JL, Funderburk LK, Cardaci TD

Immediate Paramedic Tactical Response Unit in a Civilian Emergency Medical Service: The First Year Experience (90 - 93)

Kamarainen A, Virtanen J, Lintunen J, Kolkkinen J, Nykopp I, Isotalo M, Valimaa J, Uotila T

The Use of Chest Seals in Treating Sucking Chest Wounds: A Comparison of Existing Evidence and Guideline Recommendations (94 - 101)

Kuhlwilm V

Case Reports

Lessons Learned on the Battlefield Applied in a Civilian Setting (102 - 105)

Cordier P, Benoit C, Belot-De Saint Leger F, Pauleau G, Goudard Y

Watch Where You Point That: Pneumomediastinum From Pneumatic Nail Gun Injury to the Hand (106 - 108)

Nam JJ, Kelly WF

Ongoing Series

Human Performance Optimization

Aligning and Assessing Core Attributes of Spiritual Fitness for Optimizing Human Performance (109 - 112)

Alexander DW, Deuster PA

Infectious Diseases

Cutaneous Leishmaniasis (113 - 114)

Crecelius EM, Burnett MW

Injury Prevention

Vitamin A and Bone Fractures (115 - 119)

Knapik JJ, Hoedebecke SS

NSCOM Course

Tourniquet Use on a Pediatric Patient (120 - 123)

Gattere M, Scaffei N, Gozzetti L, Alessandrini M

Special Talk: An Interview

Interviews With MSG (Ret) Rick Hines, Capt Kyle S. Stigall, MD, and COL (Ret) Russ Kotwal, MD, MPH (124)

Randles J, Merkle A

Book Review

Guerilla Surgeon: A Thing of the Past or Warning to the Future? (125)

Lyon RF

TCCC Updates

Tactical Medicine Training for SEAL Mission Commanders (127 - 133)

Butler FK