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Spring 2021, Vol 21, Edition 1

ISSN: 1553-9768


Journal of Special Operations Medicine™

Feature Articles

Limb Position Change Affects Tourniquet Pressure (11 - 17)

Wall PL, Buising CM, Hingtgen E, White A, Jensen J

PMID: 33721300 PubMed Citation

Performance Characteristics of Fluid Warming Technology in Austere Environments (18 - 24)

Blakeman T, Fowler J, Branson R, Petro M, Rodriquez D

PMID: 33721301 PubMed Citation

Rationale and Implementation of a Novel Special Operations Medical Officer Course (25 - 29)

Fedor PJ, Dorsch J, Kharod C, Paladino L, Rush SC

PMID: 33721302 PubMed Citation

Conversion of the Abdominal Aortic and Junctional Tourniquet (AAJT) to Infrarenal Resuscitative Endovascular Balloon Occlusion of the Aorta (REBOA) Is Practical in a Swine Hemorrhage Model (30 - 36)

Stigall K, Blough PE, Rall JM, Kauvar DS

PMID: 33721303 PubMed Citation

Use of a Pressure Cooker to Achieve Sterilization for an Expeditionary Environment (37 - 39)

Cook RK, McDaniel J, Pelaez M, Beltran T, Webb O

PMID: 33721304 PubMed Citation

Combat Casualty Care Training: Implementation of a Simulation-Based Program in a Cross-Cultural Setting: Experience of the French Military Health Service in West Africa (41 - 43)

Cotte J, Montcriol A, Benner P, Belliard V, Roumanet P, Puidupin A, Puidupin M

PMID: 33721305 PubMed Citation

Commercial and Improvised Pelvic Compression Devices: Applied Force and Implications for Hemorrhage Control (44 - 48)

Bailey RA, Simon EM, Kreiner A, Powers D, Baker L, Giles C, Sweet R, Rush SC

PMID: 33721306 PubMed Citation

Prehospital Needle Decompression Improves Clinical Outcomes in Helicopter Evacuation Patients With Multisystem Trauma: A Multicenter Study (49 - 54)

Henry R, Ghafil C, Golden A, Matsushima K, Eckstein M, Foran CP, Theeuwen H, Bentley DE, Inaba K, Strumwasser A

PMID: 33721307 PubMed Citation

Secondary Traumatic Stress in Emergency Services Systems (STRESS) Project: Quantifying Personal Trauma Profiles for Secondary Stress Syndromes in Emergency Medical Services Personnel With Prior Military Service (55 - 64)

Renkiewicz GK, Hubble MW

PMID: 33721308 PubMed Citation

Red-Green Tactical Lighting Is Preferred for Suturing Wounds in a Simulated Night Environment (65 - 69)

Noyes BP, Mclean JB, Walchak AC, Zarow GJ, Gaspary MJ, Knoop KJ, Roszko PJ

PMID: 33721309 PubMed Citation

Tourniquet Application by Urban Police Officers: The Aurora, Colorado Experience (71 - 76)

Jerome JE, Pons PT, Haukoos JS, Manson J, Gravitz S

PMID: 33721310 PubMed Citation

Applications of Fish Oil Supplementation for Special Operators (78 - 85)

Heileson JL, Funderburk LK, Cardaci TD

PMID: 33721311 PubMed Citation

Making Use of Your Assets: Clinical Use of EOD Radiography in the Forward-Deployed Setting (87 - 89)

Howard CM, Veach S, Lyon RF, Shaw KA

PMID: 33721312 PubMed Citation

Immediate Paramedic Tactical Response Unit in a Civilian Emergency Medical Service: The First Year Experience (90 - 93)

Kamarainen A, Virtanen J, Lintunen J, Kolkkinen J, Nykopp I, Isotalo M, Valimaa J, Uotila T

PMID: 33721313 PubMed Citation

The Use of Chest Seals in Treating Sucking Chest Wounds: A Comparison of Existing Evidence and Guideline Recommendations (94 - 101)

Kuhlwilm V

PMID: 33721314 PubMed Citation

Case Reports

Lessons Learned on the Battlefield Applied in a Civilian Setting (102 - 105)

Cordier P, Benoit C, Belot-De Saint Leger F, Pauleau G, Goudard Y

PMID: 33721315 PubMed Citation

Watch Where You Point That: Pneumomediastinum From Pneumatic Nail Gun Injury to the Hand (106 - 108)

Nam JJ, Kelly WF

PMID: 33721316 PubMed Citation

Ongoing Series

Human Performance Optimization

Aligning and Assessing Core Attributes of Spiritual Fitness for Optimizing Human Performance (109 - 112)

Alexander DW, Deuster PA

PMID: 33721317 PubMed Citation

Infectious Diseases

Cutaneous Leishmaniasis (113 - 114)

Crecelius EM, Burnett MW

PMID: 33721318 PubMed Citation

Injury Prevention

Vitamin A and Bone Fractures (115 - 119)

Knapik JJ, Hoedebecke SS

PMID: 33721319 PubMed Citation

NSCOM Course

Tourniquet Use on a Pediatric Patient (120 - 123)

Gattere M, Scaffei N, Gozzetti L, Alessandrini M

PMID: 33721320 PubMed Citation

Special Talk: An Interview

Interviews With MSG (Ret) Rick Hines, Capt Kyle S. Stigall, MD, and COL (Ret) Russ Kotwal, MD, MPH (124)

Randles J, Merkle A

PMID: 33721321 PubMed Citation

Book Review

Guerilla Surgeon: A Thing of the Past or Warning to the Future? (125)

Lyon RF

TCCC Updates

Tactical Medicine Training for SEAL Mission Commanders (127 - 133)

Butler FK

PMID: 33721322 PubMed Citation