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Bringing Together the Educational Interests of Special Operations and Tactical Medicine

Spring 2020, Vol 20, Edition 1

ISSN: 1553-9768


Journal of Special Operations Medicine™

Case Reports

Slow and Risky to Safe and Briskly: Modern Implementation of Whole Blood (21 - 25)

Fisher AD, Miles EA, Shackelford S

Surgical Airway in a Tactical Environment: A Case Report (29 - 30)

Cowles CE, Santos RE

Rapid Ketamine Infusion at an Analgesic Dose Resulting in Transient Hypotension and Bradycardia in the Emergency Department (31 - 33)

Emerling AD, Fisher J, Walrath B, Drew B

Successful Placement of REBOA in a Rotary Wing Platform Within a Combat Theater: Novel Indication for Partial Aortic Occlusion (34 - 36)

Brown SR, Reed DH, Thomas P, Simpson C, Ritchie JD

Case Report Stimulant-Induced Atrial Flutter in a Remote Setting (37 - 39)

Thomas A, Pagenhardt J, Balcik B


Developing TCCC Guidelines for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Casualty Evacuation (40 - 42)

Parker PJ

Brief Research Report

Freeze Dried Plasma Administration Within the Department of Defense Trauma Registry (43 - 45)

Cuenca CM, Chamy G, Schauer SG

Feature Articles

Characterizing a System for Measuring Limb Tourniquet Pressures (47 - 54)

Hingtgen E, Wall PL, Buising CM

Decontamination of Toxic Industrial Chemicals and Fentanyl by Application of the RSDL® Kit (55 - 59)

Verheij ER, Joosen MJ, Cochrane L, de Bruin-Hoegee M, de Koning MC

An Inventory of the Combat Medics' Aid Bag (61 - 64)

Schauer SG, Naylor JF, Uhaa N, April MD, De Lorenzo RA

Expression of High Mobility Group Box 1 Protein in a Polytrauma Model During Ground Transport and Simulated High-Altitude Evacuation (65 - 70)

Choi JH, Roberts TR, Sieck K, Harea GT, Karaliou V, Wendorff DS, Beely BM, Cancio LC, Sams VG, Batchinsky AI

Influence of a Multitask Paradigm on Motor and Cognitive Performance of Military and Law Enforcement Personnel: A Systematic Review (72 - 80)

Talarico M, Brancaleone MP, Onate JA

Feasibility Study of Vascular Access and REBOA Placement in Quick Response Team Firefighters (81 - 86)

Borger van der Burg BL, Vrancken SM, van Dongen TT, DuBose JJ, Bowyer MW, Hoencamp R

Low-Level Blast Exposure in Humans A Systematic Review of Acute and Chronic Effects (87 - 93)

Belanger HG, Bowling F, Yao EF

Effect of Special Operations Training on Testosterone, Lean Body Mass, and Strength and the Potential for Therapeutic Testosterone Replacement: A Review of the Literature (94 - 100)

Linderman JK, O'Hara R, Ordway J

Ongoing Series

Canine Medicine

Canine Tactical Combat Casualty Care (K9TCCC) Guidelines (101 - 111)

Edwards TH, Palmer LE, Baxter RL, Sager TC, Coisman JG, Brown JC, George C, McGraw AC

Human Performance Optimization

Optimizing Special Operations Forces Operator Talents and Mission Capabilities: Human Performance Optimization and Total Force Fitness Capability-Based Blueprint and Targeting System (113 - 119)

Chamberlin RA, Lunasco T, Deuster PA

Infectious Diseases

Scrub Typhus (120 - 122)

Crecelius EM, Burnett MW

Measles Cases and Outbreaks: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; World Health Organization (123)

Anonymous A

Injury Prevention

Achilles Tendinopathy: Pathophysiology, Epidemiology, Diagnosis, Treatment, Prevention, and Screening (125 - 140)

Knapik JJ, Pope R

NATO SOCM Research

Role of NATO Special Operations Combat Medics in Special Operations Surgical Teams (141 - 144)

Konstantinos K

Explore the Space? (145)

Hampton K

Book Review

Medicine and the American Revolution How Diseases and Their Treatments Affected the Colonial Army (147)

Farr WD

TCCC Updates

Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care Meeting Minutes: 10-11 September 2019 - San Antonio, Texas (148 - 161)

Butler FK, Greydanus DJ