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Fall 2019, Vol 19, Edition 3

ISSN: 1553-9768


Journal of Special Operations Medicine™

Case Reports

Delayed Diagnosis in Army Ranger Postdeployment Primaquine-Induced Methemoglobinemia (14 - 16)

Essendrop R, Friedline N, Cruz J

TCCC Critical Decision Case Studies

TCCC Critical Decision Case Studies (18 - 21)

Anonymous A

In Brief

I See Red! Red Light Illumination in Helicopter Air Ambulance Services (22 - 23)

Schober P, Schwarte LA

Risk Associated With Autologous Fresh Whole Blood Training (24 - 25)

Donham B, Barbee GA, Deaton TG, Kerr W, Wier RP, Fisher AD

Special Articles

The NATO Special Operations Surgical Team Development Course A Program Overview (26 - 29)

Parker PJ

Feature Articles

Management of Hemorrhage From Craniomaxillofacial Injuries and Penetrating Neck Injury in Tactical Combat Casualty Care: iTClamp Mechanical Wound Closure Device TCCC Guidelines Proposed Change 19-04 06 June 2019 (31 - 44)

Onifer DJ, McKee JL, Faudree LK, Bennett BL, Miles EA, Jacobsen T, Morey JK, Butler FK

Deliberate Practice in Combat Application Tourniquet Placement by Loop Passage (45 - 50)

Kragh JF, Aden JK, Dubick MA

Review: Getting Tourniquets Right = Getting Tourniquets Tight (52 - 63)

Wall PL, Buising CM, Sahr SM

Airway Management for Army Reserve Combat Medics: An Interdisciplinary Workshop (64 - 70)

Miller BM, Kinder C, Smith-Steinert R

A Comparison of the Laryngeal Handshake Method Versus the Traditional Index Finger Palpation Method in Identifying the Cricothyroid Membrane, When Performed by Combat Medic Trainees (71 - 75)

Moore A, Aden JK, Curtis R, Umar M

Operational Advantages of Enteral Resuscitation Following Burn Injury in Resource-Poor Environments: Palatability of Commercially Available Solutions (76 - 81)

Burmeister DM, Little JS, Gomez BI, Gurney J, Chao T, Cancio LC, Kramer GC, Dubick MA

The Use of Tranexamic Acid in the Prehospital Setting: A Retrospective Study (82 - 85)

Boever J, Krasowski MS, Brandt M, Woods T

Survival of Casualties Undergoing Prehospital Supraglottic Airway Placement Versus Cricothyrotomy (86 - 89)

Schauer SG, Naylor JF, Chow AL, Maddry JK, Cunningham CW, Blackburn MB, Nawn CD, April MD

Interventions Performed on Multipurpose Military Working Dogs in the Prehospital Combat Setting: A Comprehensive Case Series Report (90 - 93)

Reeves LK, Mora AG, Field A, Redman TT


2019 SOMSA Research Abstract Selection for Oral or Poster Presentation (94 - 99)

Anonymous A

Ongoing Series

Human Performance Optimization

Human Performance Optimization: An Operational and Operator-Centric Approach (101 - 106)

Lunasco T, Chamberlin RA, Deuster PA

Infectious Diseases

Scabies (107 - 108)

Crecelius EM, Burnett MW

Injury Prevention

United States Military Parachute Injuries. Part 1: Early Airborne History and Secular Trends in Injury Incidence (110 - 115)

Knapik JJ

Prolonged Field Care

Update: SORTs, GHOST-Ts, New Guidelines, and Advanced Resuscitative Care (116)

Riesberg JC

A SORT Plus a GHOST Equals: Experience of Two Forward Medical Teams Supporting Special Operations in Afghanistan 2019 (117 - 121)

Nam JJ, Milia DJ, Diamond SR, Gourlay DM

SOFsono Ultrasound

ReSTRAiN Yourself Before Diagnosing Strain (122)

Hampton K, Van Humbeeck L

Unconventional Medicine

Proficiency in Improvised Tourniquets for Extremities: A Review (123 - 127)

Rohrich C, Plackett TP, Scholz BM, Hetzler MR

Book Review

Female Special Forces Agents in World War II Europe: D-Day at 75 (128 - 129)

Farr WD

"The Gun & the Scythe" and "The First Marauder": The Passions of an Army Ranger (130 - 131)

Esposito A

TCCC Updates

Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care Meeting Minutes. San Antonio, TX. 20-21 February 2019 (134 - 146)

Butler FK, Giebner S