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Bringing Together the Educational Interests of Special Operations and Tactical Medicine

Summer 2019, Vol 19, Edition 2

ISSN: 1553-9768


Journal of Special Operations Medicine™

Case Reports

Mottled, Blanching Skin Changes After Aggressive Diving (14 - 17)

Lau AM, Johnston MJ, Rivard SS

Differential Diagnosis of an Unusual Snakebite Presentation in Benin: Dry Bite or Envenomation? (18 - 22)

Benjamin JM, Chippaux J, Jackson K, Ashe S, Tamou-Sambo B, Massougbodji A, Akpakpa OC, Abo BN

Use of Atomized Intranasal Tranexamic Acid as an Adjunctive Therapy in Difficult-to-Treat Epistaxis (23 - 28)

Sarkar D, Martinez J

Special Articles

Cypress Creek EMS Basic Tactical Operational Medical Support Course (34 - 39)

Godbee DC

Feature Articles

Ease of Use of Emergency Tourniquets on Simulated Limbs of Infants: Deliberate Practice (41 - 47)

Kragh JF, Wright-Aldossari B, Aden JK, Dubick MA

Best Tourniquet Holding and Strap Pulling Technique (48 - 56)

Wall PL, Buising CM, Donovan S, McCarthy C, Smith K, Renner CH

Resilience and Suicide in Special Operations Forces: State of the Science via Integrative Review (57 - 66)

Rocklein Kemplin K, Paun O, Godbee DC, Brandon JW

The Use of the Abdominal Aortic and Junctional Tourniquet Versus Combat Gauze in a Porcine Hemicorporectomy Model (69 - 72)

Schwartz RB, Shiver SA, Reynolds BZ, Lowry J, Holsten SB, Akers TW, Lyon M

Development of a Field-Expedient Vascular Trauma Simulator (73 - 76)

Martin CJ, Plackett TP, Rush RM

Impact of Continuous Ketamine Infusion Versus Alternative Regimens on Mortality Among Burn Intensive Care Unit Patients: Implications for Prolonged Field Care (77 - 80)

Schauer SG, April MD, Aden JK, Rowan M, Chung KK

Sulfur Mustard Exposure: Review of Acute, Subacute, and Long-Term Effects and Their Management (81 - 86)

Wolfe GA, Petteys SM, Phelps JF, Wasmund JB, Plackett TP

A Comparison of Prehospital Versus Emergency Department Intubations in Iraq and Afghanistan (87 - 90)

Schauer SG, April MD, Tannenbaum LI, Maddry JK, Cunningham CW, Blackburn MB, Arana AA, Shackelford S

Survival of Casualties Undergoing Prehospital Supraglottic Airway Placement Versus Cricothyrotomy (91 - 94)

Schauer SG, Naylor JF, Chow AL, Maddry JK, Cunningham CW, Blackburn MB, Nawn CD, April MD

Ongoing Series

Canine Medicine

In Vitro Compatibility of Canine and Human Blood: A Pilot Study (95 - 99)

Edwards TH, Wienandt NA, Baxter RL, Mays EL, Gay SD, Cap AP

Human Performance Optimization

Optimizing Warfighter Lethality Through Human Performance Education (100 - 104)

Deuster PA, Lunasco T, Messina LA

Infectious Diseases

Measles Vaccination: A Matter of Confidence and Commitment (105 - 106)

Turner R

Injury Prevention

Exertional Heat Stroke: Pathophysiology, Epidemiology, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention (108 - 116)

Knapik JJ, Epstein Y

NATO SOCM Research

Introduction to the NATO Special Operations Combat Medic Research Ongoing Series (117)

Murphy A

Introduction to the NATO Special Operations Combat Medic Research Ongoing Series (118 - 121)

Sardianos D, Boland J

Prolonged Field Care

Update: Five Years of Prolonged Field Care in Special Operations Medicine (122)

Riesberg JC, Loos PE

Fever of Unknown Origin in US Soldier: Telemedical Consultation Limitations in a Deployment to West Africa (123 - 126)

Auchincloss PJ, Nam JJ, Blyth D, Childs G, Kraft K, Robben PM, Pamplin JC

SOFsono Ultrasound

Without Jumping to Conclusions (127)

Hampton K

Unconventional Medicine

Improvised Inguinal Junctional Tourniquets: Recommendations From the Special Operations Combat Medical Skills Sustainment Course (128 - 133)

Kerr W, Hubbard B, Anderson B, Montgomery HR, Glassberg E, King DR, Hardin RD, Knight RM, Cunningham CW

Case Presentation: Creation and Utilization of a Novel Field Improvised Autologous Transfusion System in a Combat Casualty (134 - 137)

Scarborough T, Turconi M, Callaway DW

Book Review

Ray Banta's War: A Combat Surgeon in World War II China (138)

Farr WD

Military Medicine in Iraq and Afghanistan: A Comprehensive Review (139 - 140)

Quinn JM

Body Cavity Bombers: The New Martyrs. A Terrorism Research Center Book (141)

Farr WD

TCCC Updates

Tactical Combat Casualty Care Skill Sets by Responder Level. 22 April 2019 (143 - 145)

Butler FK, Giebner S