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Spring 2019, Vol 19, Edition 1

ISSN: 1553-9768


Journal of Special Operations Medicine™


An Unusual Wound Infection Due to Acinetobacter junii on the Island of Oahu: A Case Report

Jaclyn Griffin; Jason Barnhill; Michael A. Washington

Unstable Pelvic Fracture Reduction Under Ultrasonographic Control

Yvain Goudard; Dimitri Camus; Emmanuel Soucanye de Landevoisin; Clément Dubost; Peter Domos; Paul Balandraud

Versatility With Far Forward Damage Control Surgery: Successful Resuscitative Thoracotomy in an HH-60 Black Hawk

YMatthew A. Pieper; Mark J. Vonderharr; Tristan L. Knutson; James L. Sullivan; Chris G. Allison; Zachary Englert

Testicular Cancer in an American Special Forces Soldier: A Case Report

Thien T. Ho; Kate Rocklein Kemplin; Jonathan W. Brandon


NATO Military Medical Exercise Vigorous Warrior 2017

Laszlo Fazekas; Michael E. McCown; Jackson B. Taylor; Kimberly A. Ferland

A Nontraditional Role as a Physical Therapist in the Quality of Life Plus Program (QL+)

Barbara Springer


Limb Tourniquet Configuration: Preliminary Investigation of Problems and Principles

John F. Kragh Jr; James K. Aden 3rd; Michael A. Dubick

Masimo Perfusion Index Versus Doppler for Tourniquet Effectiveness Monitoring

Piper Wall; Charisse Buising; David Nelms; Lisa Grulke; Catherine Hackett Renner

Improvised Ground Evacuation Platforms for Austere Special Operations Casualty Transport

Ivan J. Antosh; Owen L. McGrane; Ersan J. Capan; Jeffery D. Dominguez; Luke J. Hofmann

The Prehospital Trauma Registry Experience With Intraosseous Access

Steven G. Schauer; Jason F. Naylor, Michael D. April; Andrew D. Fisher; Cord W. Cunningham; Jessie Renee D. Fernandez; Brian P. Shreve; Vikhyat S. Bebarta

Comparison of Postexercise Cooling Methods in Working Dogs

Michael S. Davis; Denis J. Marcellin-Little; Elisabeth O’Connor

Psychological Strategies During Military Training Are Linked to Resilience in US Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal Operators

Marcus K. Taylor; Cristina Rolo; Jeremiah Stump; Justin Mayo; Lisa M. Hernández; Daniel R. Gould

Integrating Prolonged Field Care Into Rough Terrain and Mountain Warfare Training: The Mountain Critical Care Course

Benjamin Nicholson; Jeremy Neskey; Ryan Stanfield; Brandon Fetterolf; James Ersando; Jason Cohen; Ricky Kue

Battlefield Analgesia: Adherence to Tactical Combat Casualty Care Guidelines

Steven G. Schauer; Andrew D. Fisher; Michael D. April; Robert Carter III; Cord W. Cunningham; James K. Aden; Jessie Renee D. Fernandez; Robert DeLorenzo

EpiNATO-2: Enhancing Situational Awareness and Overall Force Health Protection While Deployed in the Combined Joint NATO Environment: Describing the Identified 2016 Q Fever Outbreak in Kosovo Force (KFOR)

Nagpal Hoysal; Michael E. McCown; Laszlo Fazekas; Ch. Krabbe

Low-Resource Tactical Combat Casualty Care Training for Peshmerga Units in Remote Areas of Kurdistan

Nagpal Hoysal; Michael E. McCown; Laszlo Fazekas; Ch. Krabbe

Impact of Marine Exposure on Hemostatic Gauzes Using Thromboelastography

Taylor George; Matthew Jordan; William Bianchi; Michael Boboc; Gregory J. Zarow; Ramesh Natarajan; et al.

Ranger Athlete Warrior Assessment Performance in a Reserve Officer Training Corps Training Environment

Donald P. Meckley; Kendall Hulbert; Drew Stewart; Nick O’Brien; Nick Barringer; Jared H. Hornsby



Concepts of Prehospital Advanced Airway Management in the Operational K9: A Focus on Cricothyrotomy

Lee Palmer


Precision Performance Nutrition What Can Special Operations Forces Communities Expect?

William Conkright; Patricia A. Deuster


Effects of Oral Chondroitin Sulfate on Osteoarthritis-Related Pain and Joint Structural Changes: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Joseph J. Knapik; Rodney Pope; Sally S. Hoedebecke; Ben Schram; Robin Orr


A Comparison of Two Chronic Skin Conditions: Atopic Dermatitis and Psoriasis

Elizabeth G. Conlon; Kevin T. Wright

Painful Scalp Nodules on an Active-Duty Sailor

E. Chad Schmidgal; Kevin Wright


In the Neck and Not Out of the Woods

Christopher Dare; Katarzyna (Kasia) Hampton


The Two Jobs I Love The Most Are the Two That Pay Me the Least: An Interview With Dan Godbee

Interviewed by COL (Ret) Andre Pennardt


Rise and Kill First: The Secret History of Israel's Targeted Assassinations

Review by COL (Ret) Warner “Rocky” Farr


Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care Meeting: San Antonio, TX 5–6 September 2018 Meeting Minutes

Dr Frank Butler; Dr Stephen Giebner



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