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Fall 2018, Vol 18, Edition 3

ISSN: 1553-9768


Journal of Special Operations Medicine™

Feature Articles

Study of Tourniquet Use in Simulated First Aid: User Judgment (15 - 21)

Kragh JF, Tan AR, Newton NJ, Aden JK, Dubick MA

Your Metric Matters! Choose Wisely to Assess User Performance With Tourniquets in Simulated First Aid (22 - 27)

Zhao NO, Kragh JF, Aden JK, Jordan BS, Parsons DL, Dubick MA

Mechanical Forces Experienced by Simulated Patients Evacuated During Dismounted Military Movement in Mountainous Terrain (28 - 32)

Florance JM, Florance C

Comparison of Scapular Manipulation With External Rotation Method of Reduction of Acute Anterior Shoulder Dislocation for Sedation Requirements and Success Rates (34 - 37)

Adhikari S, Koirala P, Kafle D

Worldwide Case Reports Using the iTClamp for External Hemorrhage Control (39 - 44)

McKee JL, Kirkpatrick AW, Bennett BL, Jenkins DA, Logsetty S, Holcomb JB

Swedish Specialized Boarding Element Members' Experiences of Naval Hostile Duty (45 - 49)

Hindorf M, Lundberg L, Jonsson A

A Pilot Study of Four Intraosseous Blood Transfusion Strategies (50 - 56)

Auten JD, Mclean JB, Kemp JD, Roszko PJ, Fortner GA, Krepela AL, Walchak AC, Walker CM, Deaton TG, Fishback JE

Implementation and Evaluation of a First-Responder Bleeding-Control Training Program in a Rural Police Department (57 - 61)

Reed JR, Carman MJ, Titch FJ, Kotwal RS

Facial Trauma Care in the Austere Environment (62 - 66)

Farber SJ, Kantar RS, Rodriguez ED

Chemical Contamination Transfer in the Management of War Casualties (67 - 70)

Collectif MCV T

Does Pain Have a Role When It Comes to Tourniquet Training? (71 - 74)

Alterie J, Dennis AJ, Baig A, Impens A, Ivkovic K, Joseph KT, Messer TA, Poulakidas S, Starr FL, Wiley DE, Bokhari F, Nagy KK

The Combat Application Tourniquet Versus the Tactical Mechanical Tourniquet (75 - 78)

Beaven A, Ballard M, Sellon E, Briard R, Parker PJ

2018 SOMSA Abstracts

2018 Research Abstracts Selection for Podium or Poster Presentation (79 - 85)

Anonymous A

Ongoing Series

Human Performance Optimization

Cognitive Agility as a Factor in Human Performance Optimization (86 - 91)

Ross J, Miller L, Deuster PA

Infectious Diseases

Norovirus (92 - 93)

Burnett MW

Injury Prevention

Osteoarthritis: Pathophysiology, Prevalence, Risk Factors, and Exercise for Reducing Pain and Disability (94 - 102)

Knapik JJ, Pope R, Orr R, Schram B

NSCOM Course

How the International Special Training Centre Is Training World-Class Medics: An Outline of the NATO Special Operations Combat Medic Course (103 - 108)

Christensen JB

Prolonged Field Care

Damage Control Resuscitation in Prolonged Field CareDamage Control Resuscitation in Prolonged Field Care (109 - 119)

Fisher AD, Washbum G, Powell D, Callaway DW, Miles EA, Brown J, Dituro P, Baker JB, Christensen JB, Cunningham CW, Gurney JM, Lopata J, Loos PE, Maitha J, Riesberg JC, Stockinger Z, Strandenes G, Spinella PC, Cap AP, Keenan S, Shackelford SA

Prolonged Field Care in Support of Operation Inherent Resolve, 2016 (120 - 123)

Blaine C, Abbott M, Jacobson E

SOFsono Ultrasound

Knowledge Versus Suspicion (124)

Turconi M, Dare C, Hampton K

Unconventional Medicine

Draw-over Anesthesia Bringing the "Dark Art" Back Into the Light (125 - 133)

Graves MW, Billings S

Book Review

The Mosul Trauma Response: A Case Study (134 - 135)

Farr WD

TCCC Updates

Tactical Combat Casualty Care for Medical Personnel (TCCC-MP): Recommended Post-Course Metrics (24 July 2018) (136 - 146)

Anonymous A