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Spring, 2018, Vol 18, Edition 1

ISSN: 1553-9768


Journal of Special Operations Medicine™

* Until publication, the contents of the Spring 2018 edition are tentative and subject to change


Military Prehospital Use of Group O Low-Titer Whole Blood

Andrew Fisher, MPAS, APA-C

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy as an Adjunct for Treating an Individual With Poorly Healing Bilateral Mandibular Fractures Suspect of Developing Toward Osteomyelitis: Case Report and Clinical Experience

Christopher Rendina, DO

Challenges of Transport and Resuscitation of a Patient With Severe Acidosis and Hypothermia in Afghanistan

Michael J. Brazeau, DO; Caroline A. Buldoc, MD; Brian L. Delmonaco, MD; Azfar S. Syed


The Shrail: A Comparison of a Novel Attachable Rail System With the Current Deployment Operating Table

Joshua Dilday, DO; Maxwell Sirkin, MD; Jason Hiles, MD; Thomas Wertin, MD; Frances Bradley, CRNA



David R. King, MD

Resuscitative Endovascular Balloon Occlusion of the Aorta: Pushing Care Forward

William Teeter, MD, MS; Anna Romagnoli, MD; Jacob Glaser, MD; Andrew Fisher, MPAS, PA-C; Jason Pasley, DO; Brian Scheele, DO; Melanie Hoehn, MD; Megan Brenner, MD, MS

Feasibility of Battlefield Resuscitative Balloon Occlusion of the Aorta

Elliot M. Ross, MD, MPH; Theodore T. Redman, MD, MPH

Abstracts of 2017 Published JSOM Articles on REBOA


Laboratory Model of a Collapsible Tube to Develop Bleeding Control Interventions: Effects of Compression on Flow

Lanny V. Griffin, PhD; John F. Kragh Jr, MD; Michael A. Dubick, PhD

The Myth of Hyperresilience: Evolutionary Concept Analysis of Resilience in Special Operations Forces

Kate Rocklein Kemplin, DNP, RN; Olimpia Paun, PhD, PMHCNS-BC; Noel Sons; Jonathan Brandon

Intramuscular Tranexamic Acid in Tactical and Combat Settings

Erik N. Vu, MSM, MD; Wilson C. Y. Wan, MD; Titus Yeung, MD; Dave Callaway, MD

Special Operations Force Risk Reduction: Integration of Expeditionary Surgical and Resuscitation Teams

Steven Satterly, MD, et al.

Successful Use of Ketamine as a Prehospital Analgesic by Pararescuemen During Operation Enduring Freedom: Our Experience and Literature Review

Regan Lyon, MD; Chris Schwan, MD; Joseph Zeal, MD; Chetan Kharod, MD; Brian Staak, EMT P; Chris Petersen, EMT P; Stephen Rush, MD

Blood Lead Toxicity Analysis of Multipurpose Canines and Military Working Dogs

Paul R. Reid, et al

Ocular Injuries and Cultural Influences in Afghanistan during 5 months of Operation Enduring Freedom

David A. Paz, MD; Karin E. Thomas, MD; Denis G. Primakov, MD

Lead Exposure in the Special Operations Shooter: How to Prevent Cognitive Decline and Permanent Disability

Jonathan W. Brandon, 18D; Justin K. Solarczyk, 18D; LTC Timur S. Durrani, MD, MPH, MBA

Routine Screening Laboratory Studies for Nonheat Stroke Field Heat Injuries Are Unnecessary: A Retrospective Review

Steven G. Schauer, DO; James A. Pfaff, MD


Prehospital Care or Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus in Operational K9s Spiritual Fitness: An Essential Component of Human Performance Optimization


Epidemiological Evidence and Possible Mechanisms for the Association between Cigarette Smoking and Injuries (Part 2)

Diagnosis and Treatment of Anaphylaxis During LE Ops - The Tactical Edge (NTOA reprint)

Integrating CBRN protocols into TCCC: Introduction of a conceptual model TCCC+C = (MARCHE)2

Arthropod borne and Zoonotic infections among Military Personnel in Georgia

Prolonged Field Care

Documentation Guideline

Ukraine Battlefield Medicine

Patella Fracture in US Service Member in an Austere Location

Medicine on the Edge of Darkness

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