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Bringing Together the Educational Interests of Special Operations and Tactical Medicine

Fall 2017, Vol 17, Edition 3

ISSN: 1553-9768


Journal of Special Operations Medicine™

Case Reports

Exertional Heat Illness Resulting in Acute Liver Failure and Liver Transplantation (15 - 17)

Boni B, Amann C

Prehospital Cricothyrotomy Kits Used in Combat (18 - 20)

Schauer SG, April MD, Cunningham CW, Long AN, Carter R

Use of Acetylsalicylic Acid in the Prehospital Setting for Suspected Acute Ischemic Stroke (21 - 23)

Levri JM, Ocon A, Schunk P, Cunningham CW

Feature Articles

Unwrapping a First Aid Tourniquet From Its Plastic Wrapper With and Without Gloves Worn: A Preliminary Study (25 - 34)

Kragh JF, Aden JK, Lambert CD, Moore VK, Dubick MA

Combat Trousers as Effective Improvised Pelvic Binders A Comparative Cadaveric Study (35 - 39)

Loftus A, Morris R, Friedmann Y, Pallister I, Parker PJ

Surgical Instrument Sets for Special Operations Expeditionary Surgical Teams (40 - 45)

Hale DF, Sexton JC, Benavides LC, Benavides JM, Lundy JB

The Golden Hour Offset Surgical Treatment Team Operational Concept: Experience of the 102nd Forward Surgical Team in Operation Freedom's Sentinel 2015-2016 (46 - 50)

Benavides JM, Benavides LC, Hale DF, Lundy JB

Estimation of Dog-Bite Risk and Related Morbidity Among Personnel Working With Military Dogs (51 - 54)

Schermann H, Eiges N, Sabag A, Kazum E, Albagli A, Salai M, Shlaifer A

Prehospital Administration of Tranexamic Acid by Ground Forces in Afghanistan: The Prehospital Trauma Registry Experience (55 - 58)

Schauer SG, April MD, Naylor JF, Wiese J, Ryan KL, Fisher AD, Cunningham CW, Mitchell N, Antonacci MA

A Comparison of Ventilation Rates Between a Standard Bag-Valve-Mask and a New Design in a Prehospital Setting During Training Simulations (59 - 63)

Costello JT, Allen PB, Levesque R

Evaluation of XSTAT® and QuickClot® Combat Gauze® in a Swine Model of Lethal Junctional Hemorrhage in Coagulopathic Swine (64 - 67)

Cox JM, Rall JM

A Descriptive Analysis of Occupational Fatalities Due to Felonious Assault Among U.S. Law Enforcement Officers During Tactical Incidents, 1996-2014 (69 - 73)

Thompson MS, Hartman TM, Sztajnkrycer MD

Optimization of Simulation and Moulage in Military-Related Medical Training (74 - 80)

Petersen CD, Rush SC, Gallo I, Dalere B, Staak BP, Moore L, Kerr W, Chandler M, Smith W

Atropine Eye Drops: A Proposed Field Expedient Substitute in the Absence of Atropine Autoinjectors (81 - 83)

Calvano CJ, Enzenauer RW, Eisnor DL, Mazzoli RA

Chest Seal Placement for Penetrating Chest Wounds by Prehospital Ground Forces in Afghanistan (85 - 89)

Schauer SG, April MD, Naylor JF, Simon EM, Fisher AD, Cunningham CW, Morissette DM, Fernandez JD, Ryan KL

No Ordinary Sleeper Cell: Managing the Varied Problems of Plasmodium vivax Malaria (90 - 94)

Jarvis J

Humanitarian Struggle in Burma's Conflict Zones (95 - 99)

Gyo M

Ongoing Series

Human Performance Optimization

A Shift From Resilience to Human Performance Optimization in Special Operations Training: Advancements in Theory and Practice (109 - 113)

Park GH, Messina LA, Deuster PA

Infectious Diseases

Hepatitis E (114 - 115)

Burnett MW

Injury Prevention

Tools to Assess and Reduce Injury Risk (Part 1) (116 - 119)

Knapik JJ

Law Enforcement & Tactical Medicine

Carfentanil: A New and Often Unrecognized Threat (120 - 122)

Cowles CE, Mitchell J, Stepp JE, Bewley VZ

Preventive Medicine

An Outbreak Investigation Report and Lessons Learned by Multinational Coalition Forces: October 2016, Baghdad, Iraq (123 - 129)

Gorzelnik SA, Kephart LN, Miklos WE

Prolonged Field Care

Traumatic Brain Injury Management in Prolonged Field Care (130 - 140)

van Wyck D, Loos PE, Friedline N, Stephens D, Smedick BC, McCafferty R, Rush SC, Keenan S, Powell D, Shackelford S

Teleconsultation in Prolonged Field Care Position Paper (141 - 144)

Vasios WN, Pamplin JC, Powell D, Loos PE, Riesberg JC, Keenan S

SOFsono Ultrasound

To Cut or Not to Cut: That Is an Ultrasound Question! (145)

Poston WH, Hampton K

Special Talk: An Interview

We Cannot Afford to Lose the Lessons We Have Learned: COL (Ret) Rob Lutz's Reflections on a 20-Year SOF Medical Career (146 - 147)

Pennardt A

The World of Special Operations Medicine

Remote Dental Surgery as a Medical Civilian Assistance Program (MEDCAP): Helping Iraqi, Kurdish, and U.S. Forces Win Hearts and Minds in the Fight Against Daesh (148 - 150)

Ferreira B

Book Review

Front Line Surgery A Practical Approach (151)

Farr WD

War Reminiscences by the Surgeon of Mosby's Command (152 - 153)

Neal CA

TCCC Updates

Tactical Combat Casualty Care Updates (154)

Montgomery HR, Butler FK