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Bringing Together the Educational Interests of Special Operations and Tactical Medicine

Spring 2017, Vol 17, Edition 1

ISSN: 1553-9768


Journal of Special Operations Medicine™

Case Reports

A Modern Case Series of Resuscitative Endovascular Balloon Occlusion of the Aorta (REBOA) in an Out-of-Hospital, Combat Casualty Care Setting (1 - 8)

Manley JD, Mitchell BJ, DuBose JJ, Rasmussen TE

Invasive Reduction of Paraphimosis in an Adolescent Male While in a Deployed Austere Environment (9 - 13)

Pham C, Zehring J, Berry-Caban CS

A Soldier With an Exertional Heat Injury, Ischemic-Appearing Electrocardiogram, and Elevated Troponins: A Clinical Case Report (14 - 16)

Schauer SG, Pfaff JA

Resuscitative Endovascular Balloon Occlusion of the Aorta: Pushing Care Forward (17 - 21)

Teeter WA, Romagnoli AN, Glaser J, Fisher AD, Pasley JD, Scheele B, Hoehn M, Brenner ML

In Brief

A Novel Ultrasound Transmission Gel for Resource-Constrained Environments (22 - 25)

Monti JD

Feature Articles

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof: Mechanical Testing of Models of Tourniquet After Environmental Exposure (27 - 35)

O'Conor DK, Kragh JF, Aden JK, Dubick MA

Effectiveness of Pulse Oximetry Versus Doppler for Tourniquet Monitoring (36 - 44)

Wall PL, Buising CM, Grulke L, Troester A, Bianchina N, White S, Freymark R, Hassan A, Hopkins JW, Renner CH, Sahr SM

Pediatric Trauma: Management From an Austere Prospective (46 - 53)

Gray J, Linklater DR, Johnston J, Donham B

The Highest-Impact Combat Orthopedic and Extremity Injury Articles in the Past 70 Years: A Citation Analysis (55 - 66)

Nam JJ, Do WS, Stinner DJ, Wenke JC, Orman JA, Kragh JF

Clinical Image: Visual Estimation of Blood Loss (68 - 71)

Donham B, Frondozo R, Petro M, Reynolds A, Swisher J, Knight RM

A Perspective on the Potential for Battlefield Resuscitative Endovascular Balloon Occlusion of the Aorta (72 - 75)

Knight RM

Ongoing Series

Clinical Corner

Basic Biostatistics and Clinical Medicine (76)

Banting J, Meriano T

Human Performance Optimization

Human Performance Optimization and Precision Performance: The Future of Special Operations Human Performance Efforts (80 - 89)

Russell A, Deuster PA

Infectious Diseases

Meningococcal Disease (90 - 92)

Burnett MW

Injury Prevention

Load Carriage-Related Paresthesias (Part 2): Meralgia Paresthetica (94 - 100)

Knapik JJ, Reynolds K, Orr R, Pope R

Law Enforcement & Tactical Medicine

Graduate Medical Education in Tactical Medicine and the Impact of ACGME Accreditation of EMS Fellowships (101 - 104)

Tang N, Levy MJ, Margolis AM, Woltman N

Prolonged Field Care

Analgesia and Sedation Management During Prolonged Field Care (106 - 120)

Pamplin JC, Fisher AD, Penny A, Olufs R, Rapp J, Hampton K, Riesberg JC, Powell D, Keenan S, Shackelford S

Review of 54 Cases of Prolonged Field Care (121 - 129)

DeSoucy ES, Shackelford S, DuBose JJ, Zweben S, Rush SC, Kotwal RS, Montgomery HR, Keenan S

SOFsono Ultrasound

Ultrasound-Guided Airway Management in the Austere Setting (130)

Rapp J, Hampton K

Special Talk: An Interview

Admiral's Log: Surgeon General VADM Michael Cowan's Insights on Military Medicine (131 - 132)

Pennardt A

Book Review

Opposition to Soviet Rule in Lithuania, 1945-1980 (133)

Farr WD

TCCC Updates

The Use of Pelvic Binders in Tactical Combat Casualty Care: TCCC Guidelines Change 1602 7 November 2016 (135 - 147)

Shackelford S, Hammesfahr R, Morissette DM, Montgomery HR, Kerr W, Broussard M, Bennett BL, Dorlac WC, Bree S, Butler FK

TacMed Updates

Proceedings From the 2016 Mid-Year Meeting of the Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (C-TECC) and Committee Updates (149 - 151)

Shapiro G, Tang N, Kamin R, Smith R