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Spring 2016, Vol 16, Edition 1

ISSN: 1553-9768


Journal of Special Operations Medicine™

Case Reports

Physical Therapy Treatment Of Chronic Neck Pain A Discussion And Case Study: Using Dry Needling And Battlefield Acupuncture (1 - 5)

Guthrie RM, Chorba R

PMID: 27045487 PubMed Citation

Compensatory Reserve for Early and Accurate Prediction of Hemodynamic Compromise: Case Studies for Clinical Utility in Acute Care and Physical Performance (6 - 13)

Stewart CL, Nawn CD, Mulligan J, Grudic G, Moulton SL, Convertino VA

PMID: 27045488 PubMed Citation

In Brief

Short Report Comparing Generation 6 Versus Prototype Generation 7 Combat Application Tourniquet® in a Manikin Hemorrhage Model (14 - 17)

Kragh JF, Moore VK, Aden JK, Parsons DL, Dubick MA

PMID: 27045489 PubMed Citation

Feature Articles

Management of External Hemorrhage in Tactical Combat Casualty Care: The Adjunctive Use of XStat™ Compressed Hemostatic Sponges: TCCC Guidelines Change 15-03 (19 - 28)

Sims K, Montgomery HR, Dituro P, Kheirabadi BS, Butler FK

PMID: 27045490 PubMed Citation

Preliminary Comparison of New and Established Tactical Tourniquets in a Manikin Hemorrhage Model (29 - 35)

Gibson R, Housler GJ, Rush SC, Aden JK, Kragh JF, Dubick MA

PMID: 27045491 PubMed Citation

Testing of Junctional Tourniquets by Medics of the Israeli Defense Force in Control of Simulated Groin Hemorrhage (36 - 42)

Chen J, Benov A, Nadler R, Landau G, Sorkin A, Aden JK, Kragh JF, Glassberg E

PMID: 27045492 PubMed Citation

Evaluation and Testing of Junctional Tourniquets by Special Operation Forces Personnel: A Comparison of the Combat Ready Clamp and the Junctional Emergency Treatment Tool (44 - 50)

Theodoridis CA, Kafka KE, Perez AM, Curlee JB, Yperman PC, Oppermann N, Holmstroem E, Niegsch DD, Mannino A, Ramundo N

PMID: 27045493 PubMed Citation

Accuracy and Reliability of Triage at the Point of Injury During Operation Enduring Freedom (51 - 56)

Plackett TP, Nielsen JS, Hahn CD, Rames JM

PMID: 27045494 PubMed Citation

SOLCUS: Update On Point-of-Care Ultrasound In Special Operations Medicine (58 - 61)

Hampton K, Vasios WN, Loos PE

PMID: 27045495 PubMed Citation


SOLCUS After-Action Report: From Good Idea to the Largest Ultrasound Training Program in the Department of Defense (62 - 65)

Vasios WN

PMID: 27045496 PubMed Citation

USASOC Division Of Science & Technology: What It Means For Special Operations Medicine (65 - 66)

Calvano CJ, Forman S, Osborn T, Gothard W

PMID: 27045497 PubMed Citation

Traumatic Brain Injury: Its Outcomes On High Altitude (67 - 69)

Ismailov RM, Lytle JM

PMID: 27045498 PubMed Citation

Power To The People (69 - 71)

Schauer SG, Cunningham CW, DeLorenzo RA

PMID: 27045499 PubMed Citation

Letter to the Editor

Needle Decompression (72 - 73)

Studer NM, Horn GT

PMID: 27045500 PubMed Citation

Ongoing Series

Clinical Corner

Red Rash (76 - 80)

Banting J, Meriano T

PMID: 27045501 PubMed Citation

Human Performance Optimization

Sleep As A Strategy For Optimizing Performance (81 - 85)

Yarnell AM, Deuster PA

PMID: 27045502 PubMed Citation

Infectious Diseases

Zika Virus (86 - 87)

Burnett MW

PMID: 27045503 PubMed Citation

Injury Prevention

Injuries And Footwear (Part 2): Minimalist Running Shoes (89 - 96)

Knapik JJ, Orr R, Pope R, Grier T

PMID: 27045504 PubMed Citation

Law Enforcement & Tactical Medicine

A Threat-based, Statewide EMS Protocol To Address Lifesaving Interventions In Potentially Volatile Environments (98 - 102)

Levy MJ, Straight KM, Marino MJ, Alcorta RL

PMID: 27045505 PubMed Citation

Operational Medicine in the Austere Environment

Experience Of A US Air Force Surgical And Critical Care Team Deployed In Support Of Special Operations Command Africa (103 - 108)

Delmonaco BL, Baker A, Clay J, Kilburn J

PMID: 27045506 PubMed Citation

Picture This

All That Swells Is Not A Bruise The Morel-Lavallée Lesion (109 - 111)

Callahan CL, Eisenman J

PMID: 27045507 PubMed Citation

Prolonged Field Care

Prolonged Field Care Working Group Fluid Therapy Recommendations (112 - 117)

Baker BL, Powell D, Riesberg JC, Keenan S

PMID: 27045508 PubMed Citation

Special Talk: An Interview

"It was a special, pivotal time; the stars were aligned." (118 - 121)

Kragh JF

The World of Special Operations Medicine

Closing The Gap: Improving Trauma Care On The Ukrainian Battlefield (122 - 124)

Stacey SK, Jones PH

PMID: 27045509 PubMed Citation

Book Review

Faust's Gold: Inside the East German Doping Machine (125)

Farr WD

TCCC Updates

TCCC Updates (132 - 135)

Butler FK

TacMed Updates

TacMed Updates: Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care Spring Update (137 - 139)

Shapiro G, Smith R, Callaway DW

Progress Of Tactical Emergency Medical Support In Japan (140 - 141)

Fuse A, Schwartz RB, Saitoh D, Agawa S, Ohnishi M, Okumura T

PMID: 27045510 PubMed Citation