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Bringing Together the Educational Interests of Special Operations and Tactical Medicine

Summer 2015, Vol 15, Edition 2

ISSN: 1553-9768


Journal of Special Operations Medicine™

Case Reports

Cinnarizine for Sea Sickness During a Remote Pacific Ocean Rescue Mission (1 - 6)

Lyon RF, Rush SC, Roland T, Jethanamest D, Schawn CP, Kharod C

Oral Steroids for Dermatitis (8 - 11)

Fisher AD, Clarke J, Williams TK

Treatment of Psoriasis in the Deployed Setting (12 - 15)

Bongiorno MA, Rivard SS, Meyerle JH

Feature Articles

Replacement of Promethazine With Ondansetron for Treatment of Opioid- and Trauma-Related Nausea and Vomiting in Tactical Combat Casualty Care (17 - 24)

Onifer DJ, Butler FK, Gross K, Otten EJ, Patton R, Russell RJ, Stockinger Z, Burrell E

Saving Lives on the Battlefield (Part II) - One Year Later: A Joint Theater Trauma System and Joint Trauma System Review of Prehospital Trauma Care in Combined Joint Operations Area-Afghanistan (CJOA-A) (25 - 41)

Sauer SW, Robinson JB, Smith MP, Gross K, Kotwal RS, Mabry RL, Butler FK, Stockinger Z, Bailey JA, Mavity ME, Gillies DA

Role of the Windlass in Improvised Tourniquet Use on a Manikin Hemorrhage Model (42 - 46)

Altamirano MP, Kragh JF, Aden JK, Dubick MA

Prehospital Use of Hemostatic Bandages and Tourniquets: Translation From Military Experience to Implementation in Civilian Trauma Care (48 - 53)

Zietlow JM, Zietlow SP, Morris DS, Berns KS, Jenkins DH

Potential of Visual Sensory Screening, Diagnostic Evaluation, and Training for Treatment of Postconcussive Symptoms and Performance Enhancement for Special Forces Qualified Personnel (54 - 63)

Suttles ST

Injuries, Medical Conditions, and Changes in Blood Levels in German Special Operations Forces Selection (64 - 70)

Lechner R, Tausch B, Unkelbach U, Tannheimer M, Neitzel C

Rationale for Use of Intravenous Acetaminophen in Special Operations Medicine (71 - 73)

Vokoun ES

Emergency Department Patients Support the Use of Combat Medics in Their Clinical Care (74 - 78)

Schauer SG, Mabry RL, Varney SM, Howard JT

Clinical Guidelines for Stellate Ganglion Block to Treat Anxiety Associated With Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (79 - 85)

Mulvaney SW, Lynch JH, Kotwal RS

Interobserver Variability in Injury Severity Scoring After Combat Trauma: Different Perspectives, Different Values? (86 - 93)

Smith IM, Naumann DN, Guyver P, Bishop J, Davies S, Lundy JB, Bowley DM

Letter to the Editor

"Testing of Junctional Tourniquets by Military Medics to Control Simulated Groin Hemorrhage" (94 - 95)

Schwartz RB, Reynolds BZ, Gordon RD, Shiver SA, Lyon M, Holsten SB

Letter to the Editor Reply

"Testing of Junctional Tourniquets by Military Medics to Control Simulated Groin Hemorrhage": Reply (96)

Kragh JF, Parsons DL, Kotwal RS, Kheirabadi BS, Aden JK, Gerhardt RT, Billings S, Dubick MA

Ongoing Series

Clinical Corner

"It's What Color?" (97 - 101)

Banting J, Meriano T

Human Performance Optimization

Monitoring Training for Human Performance Optimization (102 - 108)

Austin KG, Deuster PA

Infectious Diseases

Q Fever (109 - 111)

Burnett MW

Injury Prevention

The Importance of Physical Fitness for Injury Prevention: Part 2 (112 - 115)

Knapik JJ

Law Enforcement & Tactical Medicine

A Descriptive Analysis of US Prehospital Care Response to Law Enforcement Tactical Incidents (117 - 122)

Aberle SJ, Lohse CM, Sztajnkrycer MD

Operational Medicine in the Austere Environment

A Case Study of MEDCANGRO Relative to RAND Conceptual Framework* (123 - 131)

Scott A, Hogan R

Picture This

Psoriasis (132 - 135)

Yetto T

Preventive Medicine

Preventive Medicine and Its Role in the Special Operation Forces Medical Team (136 - 138)

Agudelo JJ

POW and Detainee Operations: Lessons Unlearned (139 - 143)

Caci JB

The World of Special Operations Medicine

Fuzileiros Portugueses (Portuguese Marines) (144 - 146)

Ferreira B

Book Review

Winged Scalpel: A Surgeon at the Frontline of Disaster (147)

Farr WD

Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America's Police Forces (148)

Farr WD

Ongoing Series

Special Talk: An Interview

"The central theme is helping the men become the best Operators they can be." (152 - 153)

Kragh JF

TCCC Updates

TCCC Updates: Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care Meeting: 3-4 February 2014, Atlanta, Georgia. Meeting Minutes: 17 April 2015 (154 - 167)

Anonymous A

TacMed Updates

TacMed Updates: The Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (C-TECC): Summer Update (168 - 170)

Callaway DW, Smith R, Shapiro G, Hartford B, McKay SD, Kamin R