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Bringing Together the Educational Interests of Special Operations and Tactical Medicine

Spring 2015, Vol 15, Edition 1

ISSN: 1553-9768


Journal of Special Operations Medicine™

Case Reports

Return to Duty After Severe Bilateral Lower Extremity Trauma (1 - 6)

Sheean AJ, Owens J, Suttles ST, Crossland BW, Stinner DJ

Special Operations Soldier With Cardiac Family History: Use of CCTA and Protein Biomarker Testing to Detect Risk of Heart Attack From Noncalcified Plaque (7 - 10)

Singh M, Kroman A, Singh J, Tariq H, Amin S, Morales-Pablon CA, Cahill KV, Harrison EE

Decompression Sickness Following Altitude-Chamber Training (11 - 15)

Studer NM, Hughes JR, Puskar J

Feature Articles

Optimizing the Use of Limb Tourniquets in Tactical Combat Casualty Care: TCCC Guidelines Change 14-02 (17 - 31)

Shackelford S, Butler FK, Kragh JF, Stevens RA, Seery JM, Parsons DL, Montgomery HR, Kotwal RS, Mabry RL, Bailey JA

Laboratory Testing of Emergency Tourniquets Exposed to Prolonged Heat (32 - 28)

Davinson JP, Kragh JF, Aden JK, DeLorenzo RA, Dubick MA

Initial Tourniquet Pressure Does Not Affect Tourniquet Arterial Occlusion Pressure (39 - 49)

Slaven SE, Wall PL, Rinker JH, Halub ME, Hopkins JW, Sahr SM, Buising CM

Blood Flow Restriction Rehabilitation for Extremity Weakness: A Case Series (50 - 56)

Hylden C, Burns T, Stinner DJ, Owens J

The Effects of Movement on Hemorrhage When QuikClot® Combat Gauze™ Is Used in a Hypothermic Hemodiluted Porcine Model (57 - 60)

Garcia-Blanco J, Gegel B, Burgert J, Johnson S, Johnson D

Review, Clinical Update, and Practice Guidelines for Excited Delirium Syndrome (62 - 69)

Gerold KB, Gibbons ME, Fisette RE, Alves D

Operational Point-of-Care Ultrasound Review: Low-Cost Simulators and Resources for Advanced Prehospital Providers (71 - 78)

Ross EM, Deaton TG, Hurst N, Siefert J

A Study of Prehospital Medical Documentation by Military Medical Providers During Precombat Training (79 - 84)

McGarry AB, Mott JC, Kotwal RS

Battlefield Analgesia: TCCC Guidelines Are Not Being Followed (85 - 89)

Schauer SG, Robinson JB, Mabry RL, Howard JT

Letter to the Editor

Only Break Glass in Case of War? The Difficulty With Combat Medic Skills Sustainment Within Our Military Treatment Facilities (90 - 92)

Cunningham CW

Ongoing Series

Human Performance Optimization

Mindfulness: A Fundamental Skill for Performance Sustainment and Enhancement (93 - 99)

Deuster PA, Schoomaker E

Preventive Medicine

Staphylococcus sciuri: An Entomological Case Study and a Brief Review of the Literature (100 - 104)

Washington MA, Kajiura L, Leong MK, Agee W, Barnhill JC

Operational Medicine in the Austere Environment

MEDCAN-GRO: Medical Capacity for African Nations-Growing Regional Operability. A Case Study in Special Operations Forces Capacity Building (105 - 112)

Givens ML, Verlo AR

Picture This

A Painful Rash in an Austere Environment (113 - 117)

Hellums JS, Klapperich K

Clinical Corner

Abdominal Pain (118 - 122)

Banting J, Meriano T

Injury Prevention

The Importance of Physical Fitness for Injury Prevention: Part 1 (123 - 127)

Knapik JJ

Infectious Diseases

Cutaneous Leishmaniasis (128 - 129)

Burnett MW

Book Review

Insurgents, Raiders, and Bandits: How Masters of Irregular Warfare Have Shaped Our World (130)

Farr WD

Ongoing Series

Special Talk: An Interview

"We had the benefit of walking in those shoes, so let's make it better for these guys." (133 - 135)

Kragh JF

TCCC Updates

TCCC Updates: CoTCCC Meeting 3-4 February 2015 Atlanta, Georgia (136 - 141)

Butler FK, Cordoni L

TacMed Updates

TacMed Updates: Spring Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (C-TECC) Update (143 - 145)

Smith R, Bobko JP, Shapiro G, Hartford B, Callaway DW

Establishing TEMS Training Standards for Patrol Officers and Initial Responders (146)

Pennardt A