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A Prehospital Trauma Registry for Tactical Combat Casualty Care

Fall 2011

Kotwal RS, Montgomery HR, Mechler KK. 11(4). 127 - 128. (Previously Published)

Previously published in AMEDD Journal, Prehospital Combat Casualty Care - The Starting Point of Battlefield Survival. April June 2011


Many combat-related deaths occur in the prehospital environment before the casualty reaches a medical treatment facility. The tenets of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) were published in 1996 and integrated throughout the 75th Ranger Regiment in 1999. In order to validate and refine TCCC protocols and procedures, a prehospital trauma registry was developed and maintained. The application of TCCC, in conjunction with validation and refinement of TCCC through feedback from a prehospital trauma registry, has translated to an increase in survivability on the battlefield.

PMID: 22173603

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