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TCCC Guidelines Comprehensive Review and Update: TCCC Guidelines Change 16-03

Summer 2017

Montgomery HR, Butler FK, Kerr W, Conklin CC, Morissette DM, Remley MA, Shaw TA, Rich TA. 17(2). 21 - 38. (Classical Conference)


Based on careful review of the Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) Guidelines, the authors developed a list of proposed changes for inclusion in a comprehensive change proposal. To be included in the proposal, individual changes had to meet at least one of three criteria: (1) The change was primarily tactical rather than clinical; (2) the change was a minor modification to the language of an existing TCCC Guideline; and (3) the change, though clinical, was straightforward and noncontentious. The authors presented their list to the TCCC Working Group for review and approval at the 7 September 2016 meeting of the Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care (CoTCCC). Twenty-three items met with general agreement and were retained in this change proposal.

Keywords: Tactical Combat Casualty Care; TCCC; T3; Tactical Combat Casualty Care guidelines; TCCC Guidelines Comprehensive Review and Update; battlefield trauma care; Role 1 Care

PMID: 28599032