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A Review of Reduction Techniques for Anterior Glenohumeral Joint Dislocations

Summer 2012

Dannenbaum J, Krueger CA, Johnson AE. 12(2). 83 - 92. (Journal Article)


This review article aims to describe the techniques, success rates, advantages and disadvantages of commonly used anterior shoulder reduction maneuvers. Methods: A review of literature was performed and each article was reviewed for the reported success rates, advantages, disadvantages and technical notes for each anterior shoulder reduction technique. Results: There are a wide variety of very successful shoulder reduction maneuvers, each with their own specific set of advantages and disadvantages. Conclusion: While there are some situations that may favor one of these anterior shoulder reduction techniques over another; it is largely left up to the healthcare provider to determine which maneuver is best on a patient-to-patient basis.

Keywords: shoulder dislocation; shoulder subluxation; shoulder reduction; orthopaedics; emergency medicine

PMID: 22707030

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